Portaprompt now supports NDI connectivity for its Quasar range of broadcast prompters, which offer screen sizes from 12in to 32in.

Jon Hilton, Sales and Marketing, Portaprompt, said: “We’ve had IP workflows for five years, but we’re now seeing adoption of NDI; [It’s] becoming a more common standard.” Prompters “don’t need ST 2110 because they don’t need that sort of bandwidth – we’re only moving basic data streams, so going to NDI is cheaper.”

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Hilton: Prompters ’don’t need ST 2110…so going to NDI is cheaper’

Most Portaprompt customers are entertainment productions, and 75% of its business is rental, hardly any of which uses IP currently.

One trend Hilton has seen become more prevalent is for “roll outs for PTZs – where users roll the prompter [on a separate stand] in for presenter shots, which are often static. I can rig on any PTZ-style camera, but the movement of the camera is then limited to the glass (about 15º either side or 5º up or down), but a roll out doesn’t restrict the camera as much.”

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