The new Robotic Arm from Blackcam Robotics, seen going through the motions on the Vizrt stand, is a highly mobile compact system that can spin through a 360º sphere.  

The 1.6m arm weighs only 35kg, so it is easily transportable and takes less than 30 minutes to set up. It has a 10kg payload capacity.  

Robotic Arm turns in silent spin cycle

Staying in touch: Maxx Poh Kok Ng with Blackcam’s new Robotic Arm 

“It is totally noiseless, so you can use it for classical concerts,” said Sales Engineer, Maxx Poh Kok Ng. Its first use, in the US, will be on a major music event over the next few months.  

“It has its own proprietary software allowing users to not only pre-programme it but also control it manually,” he added. Operators can move it manually, by touch, live or to record moves, as well as using traditional remote controls. 

The software can be integrated with virtual production systems. For further mobility, there is also a new robotic pedestal the Arm can be used with, as well as moving it on tracks, on floor or ceiling. 

Stand Number: 10.A41 

Company:  Blackcam Robotics