Expanding its range of intercom systems, the TP9116 and TP9416 user panels from AEQ are designed for matrix-based systems. The Spanish manufacturer has taken a user-friendly approach with full colour displays and four-way levers, with two functions per lever.

The TP9000 series’ ‘Talk and Listen’ functionality boasts individual volume control for each communication point via a four-way lever. The panels feature 16 cross-stitch keys as well as four pages and can manage up to 64 destinations or groups via the EP9116 expansion rack-mount panel.


The 1U rack-mounted and desktop panels expand AEQ’s range of intercoms

Aiming for the broadcast audio quality of Conexia and CrossNET systems, IP connectivity offers audio in Dante or AES67 formats, as well as Low Bit Rate Voice (LBRV). Functionality includes acoustic echo cancellation and the automatic levelling of voice power or tonality to achieve better intelligibility. The panels also offer: three-band parametric EQ and high/low-pass filters; dynamics adjustment such as compression and noise gates; and internal test audio signal generators.

Stand Number: 8.C55

Company: AEQ