Tedial’s cloud-native NoCode Media Integration Platform, smartWork, is a new way of looking at broadcast systems such as MAM, DAM, PAM or CMS. It offers a framework where all the systems are integrated in the same way, based on a common interface, data model and workspace, where applications go to the media and not the media to the applications.

Tedial’s NoCode approach means the Media Integration Platform is accessible to everyone, even non-technical users, as the NoCode workflow editor allows them to define or re-adapt workflows to business needs. A new business operation is just a drag-and-drop action, making daily operational changes simple.


Making change easier: Tedial’s smartWork NoCode Media Integration Platform

It can easily be updated/upgraded from the Tedial Cloud repository via the Artifactory UI, which enables users to update services, workflows and integrated systems to the latest version with just a few clicks.

Julian Fernandez- Campon, CTO, Tedial, said: “No one can predict the future and the way companies operate can change from night to day. smartWork’s NoCode approach enables the design of scalable, future-proof solutions and media services for the M&E industry, accessible to everybody everywhere.”

Because it follows Infrastructure as Code (IaC), smartWork can be deployed on-premises, on any cloud or in a hybrid architecture, and business continuity can easily be achieved as the current systems can be integrated and improve operation by adding new business processes or cloud operation.

Benefits of smartWork include no vendor lock-in, flexibility and scalability; self-sufficiency – no vendor services needed to manage the platform; quicker and easier to change; easy prototyping; future-proof; and can be tailored to each customer’s needs.

Stand Number: 10.D30

Company: Tedial