Data cloud provider Snowflake is making use of its presence at IBC to increase awareness of its role in the media industry as well as discuss specifics around use cases such as the media supply chain. 

Owen Hartnett, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Snowflake, remarked that the customers the company is speaking to “may have heard of Snowflake, they may have recognised this as a general kind of cloud data solution, but they may not necessarily know or be aware that we’re specific to the media and publishing space”. 

Snowflake slips into gear

Hartnett: ‘Raising awareness of Snowflake’s role in the broadcast space’ 

Snowflake has also been highlighting a new joint cloud offering with partner AWS, where AWS and content metadata can now be directly shared and connected into Snowflake, Hartnett said. 

Furthermore, the company has been participating in the Content Everywhere Stage programme to highlight how it is working with AWS and Slalom to break down data silos, changing how broadcasters approach audiences and advertising. 

“We’ve had some interesting conversations with customers and prospects that know Snowflake but perhaps didn’t expect us to be in this kind of context in broadcasting,” Hartnett said.  

He noted that Snowflake has enjoyed engaging with the panel discussions and also held a drinks reception with AWS as a more informal activity.  

“I’d say going forward, we probably want to maintain those types of activities,” Hartnett commented.  

Stand Number: 5.C20 

Company: Snowflake