Jon Dahl, CEO of Mux, said the company’s products have been used at “record scale over the last year”, which he attributed in large part to their adoption by large broadcasters and the fact that Mux is “seeing a lot of success in the world of sport”. 

“One of the big things we’re talking about is that we got the chance to work with a number of very large sporting events, including one that set the record for the largest online stream ever, north of 30 million views”, Dahl said, noting that he was unable to reveal customer names due to client confidentiality.  

Sporting chance for Mux

Dahl: Mux is seeing a lot of success in the world of sport 


Sport is “very durable”, he added. “You can be in a recession, you can have a writer’s strike, and sports doesn’t go away. We’re doing a lot there.” 

In Hall 5, the company is demonstrating how the Mux platform aims to improve the video experience with actionable real-time insights at scale, and how Mux Data helps customers, including Paramount, solve major streaming issues before the user experience is interrupted. 

Mux has also just announced a partnership with New Relic, in an effort to offer enhanced observability across the entire customer video experience by combining video analytics from Mux with full-stack observability from New Relic. 

In terms of trends at IBC, Dahl said the surprising “or not surprising thing is that AI is not at the show in a big way. But it will be next year. I think it’s starting to poke its head up … it’s probably a year or two away that every stand will be AI.” 

Stand Number: 5.H48 

Company: Mux