DNAfabric 2.0 is the latest release to StorageDNA’s cloud-optimised, unstructured data management toolset.

With this update, StorageDNA, which is distributed by Polar Graphics, adds connectivity options for workflows based in the cloud (such as AWS, Azure, Google, Wasabi, Backblaze, LyveCloud, LucidLink) and on-premises (for example, Avid Nexis, Quantum StorNext, Isilon, Qumolo, SNS, EditShare).

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DNAfabric 2.0 provides a host of tools to detect early signs of hardware failure

The key capabilities of DNAfabric 2.0 include cloud cost modelling, NAS scanning, multi-cloud transfers, object compression and acceleration, storage analysis, duplicate analysis, and cleanup, and accelerated/automated Frame.io transfers. The release provides a host of tools to detect early signs of hardware failure with the ability to backup or migrate to a new storage platform or cloud.

In addition, Polar Graphics will be discussing the latest developments from Bluefish444, which manufactures a wide range of uncompressed video I/O cards; and MagStor, offering Thunderbolt 3, SAS and FC desktop LTO tape drives and libraries scaling up to 280 slots.

Other brands distributed by Polar Graphics can be found elsewhere on the show floor, including image signal processing equipment specialist Apantac (10.A30); broadcast and IP monitoring, analysis and compliance software company Mediaproxy (7.B38); and live broadcasting hardware and software innovator Nagasoft (7.D45).

Stand Number: 6.C28b

Company: Polar Graphics