Launched live at IBC, VenueView is the latest feature for the STcontroller application.

It displays real-time monitoring of key operating parameters of Studio Technologies’ Dante-compatible products. VenueView is designed to assist personnel with the correct operation of announcer’s consoles (talent interfaces) and related devices that are being used by on-air teams in broadcast and production applications.

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VenueView adds real-time monitoring to STcontroller

Each VenueView group allows up to eight different devices to be monitored in a single user-defined menu, with multiple groups capable of being simultaneously monitored. Each VenueView user has the ability to independently create their desired venues, which allows one user to view a set of devices on one PC, and another user to monitor the same devices, a completely different set of devices, or a combination of devices on a different PC.

Once groups are established, real-time audio levels from related devices can be simultaneously monitored on the same screen. If a configuration change is necessary, immediate adjustment of parameters such as microphone preamplifier gain, headphone monitoring and push-button operation is possible.

Studio Technologies is stand-sharing with Nixer Pro Audio in Hall 8.

Stand Number: 8.F93

Company: Studio Technologies