Salt-E Dog is a 9kWh sustainable power supply that uses salt-based power cells instead of lithium. Andrew Hutton, Head of Product Management, batteries and mobile power, Anton/Bauer, said it aims to replace small fuel generators for film or broadcast production while addressing environmental problems associated with lithium batteries. It runs at less than 20dB (equivalent to a person breathing).

“It is silent, clean and efficient, designed to be good for both the production and the environment,” he added.

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Hutton: ’Salt-E Dog is designed to be good for both the production and the enviroment’

The sodium batteries last about 4,500 cycles (12.5 years) at greater than 80% capacity, “much longer than lithium,” and are 100% recyclable. “It cannot catch fire. It is only 1º or 2º above ambient temperature even at full output,” stated Hutton.

The Salt-E Dog unit, which will be demoed on the Videndum stand, includes a range of power outputs: AC via four 20A 120v outlets or a 50A 125v Stage Pin connector; DC via four 16A 28v XLR3, four 16A 48v, or two 5~20v, 100W USB-C ports, totalling up to 6000W for extended off-the-grid usage. It can be recharged from AC outlets, solar PV and CCS Level 2 electric vehicle chargers.

Stand Number: 13.A05

Company: Anton/Bauer (Videndum)