Video streaming infrastructure provider Bitmovin said Swisscom will deploy Bitmovin Player for its blue TV service to “ensure a superior viewing experience for its audience”.

Swisscom’s blue TV is available with the operator’s Swisscom Box and it’s also available over the top through apps and as a premium service on other networks as blue+.


Simon Maurer, Swisscom

According to Bitmovin, deploying the Bitmovin Player aligns with Swisscom’s strategy of making its blue TV offering as accessible on as many devices and platforms as possible. Additionally, the Bitmovin Player will ensure Swisscom can launch blue TV on new devices and platforms as soon as they are available.

Simon Maurer, Head of TV and Smart Products Client Development at Swisscom, said: “Every decision we make for blue TV revolves around delivering an unparalleled experience for our viewers, from its compelling programming slate to the robustness of our video streaming infrastructure. The Bitmovin Player mirrors our commitment to technical excellence and it quickly became our first choice for a video player.”