Telemetrics has introduced a wireless version of its OmniGlide robotic roving platform, so the studio camera pedestal can roam the studio without cables. 

Its rechargeable battery system also powers an optional low-latency wireless video transmitter that can receive commands from an RCCP-2A control panel, meaning no more heavy cables. The wireless transmitter can be fitted to existing OmniGlide systems. 

Telemetrics robotic camera pedestal glides unwired

Cuomo: Wireless movement ‘has been the Holy Grail of studio camera pedestals’ 

The batteries give OmniGlide 8-10 hours continuous run time, depending on load, but are hot swappable for full 24-hour operation.  

“This has been the Holy Grail of studio camera pedestals,” said Telemetrics’s VP, Michael Cuomo. “Being able to have the freedom to move the rover anywhere you want and not have to worry about the cable getting caught on a set piece or having a dedicated person physically managing the cables, is literally a game changer for studio operations. It also removes a safety hazard.” 

Other new features for OmniGlide this year include: Path Planning, which is performed by the control panel working in tandem with the rover; and Collision Avoidance, which keeps the rover operating safely while it learns the environment. Combined, this AI-assisted software allows users to navigate complex nonlinear paths in a studio or event space, avoiding collisions.  

Stand Number: 12.G43 

Company: Telemetrics