The new Libec TH-V is a video tripod system with mid-level spreader aimed at mirrorless, DSLR and handheld cameras. It can be matched with the new TH-V H 75mm ball and flat base video head with pan handle, which can carry a payload of up to 5kg.

The TH-V is described as the most advanced model in Libec’s TH series and is lightweight and compact. It adds a continuous friction control for pan and tilt drag settings, so that users have better creative control.

8. Libec-1

Drag star: Libec’s TH-V tripod system with the TH-V H head

The two-stage tripod gives the unit a height range of 73cm to 163cm, while the new head has a tilt angle of +90° to -80°. It comes with a sliding plate that can be attached and released with just one-touch, and the dual-head base specification allows for a quick set-up with both 75mm bowl and flat base tripods. The dual-head base is also compatible with sliders, skater dollies and photo tripods.

Stand Number: 12.D50

Company: Libec