IBC introduces new categories in response to changing industry trends and dynamics. 

IBC is delighted to announce submission for its prestigious Innovation Awards have opened, celebrating collaboration in technology and creativity. 

IBC2017 Innovation Awards

The IBC Innovation Awards are unique in the media broadcasting industry; rewarding the best applications of technology and invention for any broadcaster or media company. Successful submissions must encompass creativity, technological developments, enabling enterprise to work more effectively or implement new ways to reach and engage audiences. The deadline to submit is Monday 24 April.

The awards recognise highly effective and dynamic solutions to real-world challenges as well as innovative solutions developed in partnership between manufacturers and end users. IBC has enhanced its categories for submission to reflect the developments in the exciting and fast evolving media broadcasting industry.

IBC2017 Innovation Awards; new categories:

· Content Creation – whatever the size of the screen and wherever you watch it, what audiences want is engaging content. The IBC2017 Innovation Award for Content Creation is for projects which give creative talents the tools to work, from acquisition to post production

· Content Distribution – that wonderfully creative content is of no use if it does not reach the eyes and ears of the consumer. The IBC2017 Innovation Award for Content Distribution will recognise projects that connect creators and consumers – or creators with their collaborators – in new ways

· Content Everywhere – audiences expect a joined-up experience everywhere from social media to the movie theatre. The IBC2017 Innovation Award for Content Everywhere seeks projects which make the most of the connected world, using technology in new and imaginative ways to inform, entertain and excite audiences.

Michael Crimp, Chief Executive at IBC, said: “The media and technology industry is changing fast, and only the most nimble will prosper. The IBC Innovation Awards recognise the best innovative collaboration between media companies and vendors.”

Successful submissions must identify the end user for a new technology or product and demonstrate the collaboration within the project as well as how the project or system has enhanced and changed the partnership. The winning entry will demonstrate an innovative and imaginative solution to a real technical, creative or commercial challenge. Entries will be judged on its regular implementation and demonstrable for success within the field.

The deadline to enter submissions is Monday 24 April 2017; finalists will shortlisted and announced in mid-June. “Now well established in the industry, these awards are more relevant than ever before”, Crimp said. There is further information on the IBC2017 Innovation Awards entry guidelines here.