Lynx Technik’s new yellobrik Instant Dialog Cleaner (IDC 1411) uses artificial intelligence from Audionamix to help isolate speech and dialogue by removing complex background noise, improving speech quality in real time.

It can be used as a pre-stage for speech recognition or subtitle generation, or for general speech clarity improvement for people with hearing disabilities.

D2-Lynx Technik

Lynx Sales Director Daniel Kubitza shows off the new Instant Dialog Cleaner

The IDC 1411 incorporates powerful deep neural networks (DNN) AI technology from Audionamix and resolves many audio challenges that arise in broadcast and professional AV environments.

The IDC 141 analyses audio and removes background noises in real time, whether road and air traffic, natural sounds, music or other ambient noises. This audio cleaning process separates the dialogue and speech from the noises, providing a crisp audio signal that only contains the spoken word. The AI technology automatically detects the voice regardless of surrounding noises and preserves the integrity of the dialogue.

It is especially useful for live broadcasts, recording, editing and mixing audio from noisy broadcast and AV environments, such as commentators reporting in a noisy stadium or journalists reporting from outdoor settings.

The IDC 1411 is supported by the new yellobrik RCT 1012 rack controller, enabling monitoring, parameter adjustment and third-party automation via an Ethernet network or VPN, from any workstation.

The IDC 1411 is compatible with LynxCentral and yelloGUI, Lynx Technik’s free software applications that offer users advanced settings for yellobriks and other Lynx Technik products.

Stand Number: 10.A10

Company: Lynx Technik