Home, Lawo’s management platform for IP-based media infrastructures, is in the process of becoming an IP management system for heterogenous networks, welcoming NMOS-compliant solutions with an initial focus on the NMOS IS-04 protocol for discovery and registration and IS-05 for stream patching. Following a successful JTNM Test, Home will be officially NMOS certified.

Through the API-based ‘Lives@Home programme, any third-party device can become a ‘first-class citizen’ and make all desired parameters accessible for control on the network. Several manufacturers have already implemented the API or are about to do so.


The Home management platform for IP-based media infrastructures is evolving

Other additions to the Home feature set include signal rights management for audio parameters that are accessible from several control surfaces. These can be configured to be adjustable only from one control surface. System health displays status information about a system’s components with centrally logged information.

With the addition of C100 processing blades and Lawo’s LCU commentary unit to the Home inventory, the inclusion of the entire Lawo product portfolio is now almost complete.

Edge, Lawo’s hyper-density sdi/ip conversion and routing platform was designed with a Home-based configuration and operation interface. Its Home functionality includes single-click multi-essence stream grouping that allows operators to bundle all relevant ST2110 video, audio and metadata flows.

Stand Number: 8.B90

Company: Lawo