IP is now heading towards becoming the dominant force in terms of protocol, says Ronen Artman, vp of marketing, LiveU

The industry reached a tipping point and as a consequence there was a fresh sense of urgency and excitement.

Doubtless in some corners there was considerable concern too.

That tipping point was of course the deployment of IP on the production and playout side. This has been discussed for many years, and indeed there have been isolated rollouts of it around the world as well as it being used/tested on special projects.

It was deployed by Sky News in a specially built studio for its world record-breaking coverage of the UK general election last year, for which they partnered with us.

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Ronen Artman, vp of marketing, LiveU

But at NAB (2016) it was very clear that it’s now the prime development underpinning our industry: a paradigm shift is happening.

Yes, there’s standards work still ongoing and there are going to be challenging hybrid times ahead but as an industry IP is now heading towards becoming the dominant force in terms of protocol.

There are two other main factors that are framing our industry, one being 4K and HDR, the other being the opening up of live video distribution by Facebook and Twitter.

If you take all these factors together – IP, 4K and live – then you can see given our IP-based, live content-delivering history and now our embracing of 4K, why we’re excited about the future.

What do we mean more specifically?

With the opening of the Facebook Live API, brands can now live stream video content directly to Facebook using high-quality production equipment.

This has been extremely important to broadcasters and video content creators that want to deliver non-stop live video coverage to the Facebook community.

This content was first published at IBC2016

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