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  • Marco_Lopez_ISE_2024

    ISE 2024: Clear-Com launches cloud-based Intercom


    Marco Lopez, VP, Research & Development at Clear-Com discusses the launch of the company’s new cloud-based intercom system – Gen-IC Cloud Intercom, a secure and flexible virtual intercom solution that enables users to easily integrate on-premise hardware with virtual intercom clients. According to Lopez, the system will be a gamechanger ...

  • Amelia Kallman_ISE_2024

    ISE 2024: Amelia Kallman contemplates what AI could mean for the industry in 2024


    Futurist Amelia Kallman tells 365 how big brands and corporations are becoming the new broadcasters; what to expect from AI by the end of 2024 including the creation of millions of jobs; where the big workflow innovations are going to be seen and what this means for anyone creating 3D ...

  • ISE 2024 Talent Shortages

    ISE 2024: What more can be done to address growing skills and talent shortages?


    As the industry continues to see a shortage in new and diverse talent, we ask broadcasters what more can be done to attract young professionals. Whilst online audiences grow, the industry must rethink how to market to the next generation, and who to collaborate with to improve access, to ensure ...

  • Big brands ISE2024

    ISE 2024: In what ways are big brands and corporations becoming the new broadcasters?


    One of the core questions being asked at ISE’s Content Production & Distribution Summit was if brands and corporations were becoming the new broadcasters? IBC365 caught up with some key voices across the industry to learn more about the convergence of the ProAv and broadcasting sectors.

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    ISE 2024: Lorenzo Zanni on how the industry can play to its strengths to help combat skill shortages


    According to IABM’s Lorenzo Zanni, the convergence of broadcast with different industries is partly to blame for the ongoing talent shortage as certain transferable skills are in demand across the board. Rather than reverting to salary battles, one solution could be for the broadcast sector to play to its strengths ...

  • ISE 2024 What are the disruptive technologies impacting the industry

    ISE 2024: What are the disruptive technologies impacting the industry?


    We rounded up key industry voices to fill us in on the emerging tech trends seen at ISE and in the industry. We discovered that 2024 will see advancements in cloud IP workflows, networking infrastructure, accessibility for content makers and users, and will be an intersection for big innovations and ...

  • Paul Scurrell ISE

    ISE 2024: Paul Scurrell talks cloud, AI and skills


    Paul Scurrell discussed cloud workflow innovation, AI and skills at ISE 2024. He pointed to the growing maturity of cloud services in the immediate term, as well as touched on the likely evolutionary pathway for AI tools and services. On skills Scurrell highlighted the work that Atomos has been doing ...

  • Tom Crocker at ISE 2024

    ISE 2024: AI and optimisation set to shape the future of broadcast


    As AI finds its niche in the industry, this year could see the breakout of AI tools and use cases that manifest into useful customer facing solutions. According to Tom Crocker, Director, Business Development for production tech specialist Ross Video, work is already well underway to incorporate AI with some ...

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    ISE 2024: Abi Hemingway explores the emerging tech trends shaping the industry


    According to Abi Hemingway, Managing Director at online broadcasting specialist Jackshoot, one of the dominant trends at ISE this year was the convergence of high-end broadcast tech into a more corporate ProAV sector. Hemingway was a guest speaker at ISE’s Content Production & Distribution Summit, where she explored how a ...

  • Developing Tech at ISE 2024

    ISE 2024: How is developing tech changing the way the industry operates?


    As developing tech stands as one of the most talked about topics at ISE 2024, we asked broadcast and production specialists about the changes they are noticing in the industry. Optimisation, effective resources, production costs, investment opportunities and implementing broadcast solutions in corporate spaces were shared key goals on the ...

  • Michael McKenna_ISE_2024

    ISE 2024: Taking the direct approach to tackling skill shortages


    Michael McKenna, CEO and Co-Founder of Final Pixel, discusses some of the latest advancements in virtual production and how the company found an innovative way to combat skill shortages. McKenna was a guest speaker at ISE’s Content Production & Distribution Summit where he presented on Final Pixel’s collaboration with Oracle ...

  • Fabio Varolo ISE2024

    ISE 2024: Fabio Varolo stresses the importance of education


    At the world’s largest AV systems integration show, IBC365 spoke to Fabio Varolo, Manager, FOR.A Europe about the emerging trends in production, how AI tech in video production will help shape the future of broadcast, the importance of attracting younger talent to the industry, and the developing tech needed to ...

  • PXL_20240130_112625986
    Industry Trends

    ISE review 2024: The age of AV Broadcast


    The convergence of AV with traditional broadcast explains why more visitors and exhibitors at ISE 2024 are spanning both worlds. Adrian Pennington reports.

  • ISE2023_Day_1_6
    Industry Trends

    ISE2024 Preview: Convergence, VP and Star Wars


    If you think ISE is about the convergence of AV with broadcast think again. Show organisers say this has already happened. Even the IABM has a speaking slot, writes Adrian Pennington