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  • 6 QvestMedia-1-DD-structuralnews-PIC
    Daily News

    New identity for multi-cloud management platform


    Qvest Media has announced that it has transferred its multi-cloud management platform, Qvest.Cloud, into its own organisational structure. The move has resulted in the creation of a new independent brand identity, qibb.

  • 2 Collabora-1-AM-pic-MAN
    Daily News

    Open source software meets Super Resolution


    Software consulting firm Collabora has unveiled its work on a deep learning open source software product for Super Resolution scaling.

  • Frame-2-low
    Daily News

    Post survey reveals three-quarters at least as productive working remotely


    Video review and collaboration specialist has surveyed its customers about working from home during the pandemic and found that from nearly 600 responses, most from people in post production, 73% said that they’re equally or more productive working remotely.

  • Primestream-3
    Daily News

    Primestream updates Media IO for remote workflows


    Primestream has announced major updates to its Media IO application, which handles IP-based recording and playout. The latest Media IO Server and Media IO Desktop now offer expanded support for media ingest in cloud-hosted environments, as well as significant enhancements to performance and user experience.

  • Audinate-1 ddm_monitor_DashwAlert_3_0919
    Daily News

    Audinate offers trial mastery of Dante domains


    New from Audinate is the availability of a free, downloadable trial for the company’s Dante Domain Manager, which secures Dante networks and provides organisational tools that allow Dante devices to be split into functionally independent groups (domains) that correspond to rooms, spaces or buildings for easier routing and security.

  • EBU-3-Ievgen_Kostiukevych
    Daily News

    EBU plans a cookbook of disaster solutions


    Having witnessed coronavirus lockdowns accelerate cloud adoption, the European Broadcast Union (EBU) has launched a project to create a ‘cookbook’ of architectural solutions. This is based partly on what was ‘technically impossible’ during the first European wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Elements-1-EMBARGO
    Daily News

    Elements Satellite offers remote editing without restrictions


    The new Elements Satellite is designed to allow users to more easily access editing workstations remotely, with better responsiveness, frame rate and security.

  • Qligent-3-AM-pic-MAN
    Daily News

    Qligent provides new Vision


    Qligent has released version 3.10 of its flagship Vision software for media monitoring and analysis. Running on the Linux CentOS platform, Vision v3.10 is said to enable full integration with Wasabi’s Cloud platform for agnostic video, audio, and data storage and retention.

  • Apantac-1 UE-4-II-K-beauty
    Daily News

    Apantac releases more compact cascading multiviewers


    Apantac has launched the second generation of its UE series of multiviewers enhanced cascading functions, which includes more compact (at almost half the depth) models that consume less power than before.

  • AVT-1 MAGIC ACX Front mit Display
    Daily News

    AVT helping Dante go the distance


    The Magic ACX Dante WAN Bridge from AVT is a new system intended to solve the problems that might occur when transmitting Dante signals over longer distances. 

  • Merging-1  Anubis Display Close Up
    Daily News

    Merging+Anubis SPS gains ST 2022-7 compliance


    The Merging+Anubis SPS is now shipping with full ST 2022-7 compliance. The enhancements to the compact AD/DA interface were developed in a matter of months despite the additional challenge of sourcing components and dealing with global lockdowns in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • DirectOut-1 do-084-prodigy-fw-update
    Daily News

    DirectOut announces a prodigious Prodigy evolution


    DirectOut has greatly expanded the capabilities of its Prodigy Series with the release of new firmware for both the Prodigy.MC modular audio converter and the Prodigy.MP multifunction audio processor.

  • Optoway-1 SPE-2100vwg-Final
    Daily News

    Optoway offers versatile coaxial transceiver module


    The SPE-2100VWG series coaxial transceiver module from Optoway can transmit/receive serial digital signals such as those defined in ST2082, ST2081, ST424, ST292, and ST259, over 75ohms coaxial cables via HD-BNC connectors. 

  • VSN-1
    Daily News

    VSN upgrades to boost remote users’ productivity


    Barcelona-based VSN will present new developments and functionalities for its media, traffic and planning management systems and new developments in remote editing for production and news at the upcoming IBC Showcase. 

  • tag-3-im-pic-man
    Daily News

    TAG adds adaptive monitoring to MCM-9000


    TAG has announced that its MCM-9000 all-IP, all-software platform has been enhanced with the addition of an Adaptive Monitoring feature. Adaptive Monitoring is said to give operators even greater agility in optimising high-density probing and monitoring by enabling dynamic, automated, on-the-fly allocation of monitoring resources on a per-input-stream basis. 

  • Stan moote (2)
    Daily News

    IABM creates 125 virtual technical experiences


    Looking to get the better of the pandemic and satiate the huge thirst for knowledge about monetising next generation technologies, IABM has given the industry a virtual school term.

  • farmerswife-2-DD-Cirkus
    Daily News

    Scheduling boost for Cirkus task management tool


    farmerswife has announced an expansion of its Cirkus task management and collaboration tool to include scheduling capabilities.

  • g&d-2-im-pic-man
    Daily News

    G&D ControlCenter-IP gets new features


    Guntermann Drunk has announced that its ControlCenter-IP high performance matrix for KVM-over-IP now provides new features, making it even more secure and user-friendly. 

  • AETA-1   RemoteAccess
    Daily News

    Audio device control online


    Remote Access Portal is an optional functionality from AETA Audio Systems, first announced at IBC2019, that now allows technicians to take control of all the parameters of a broadcaster’s codecs remotely. 

  • Cobalt-2 CDI BBG-1300_small
    Daily News

    Cobalt Digital in the frame for flight packs and tight spaces


    The Cobalt Digital BBG-1300-FR is a small footprint frame optimised for flight packs or installations where real estate is at a premium.