Quantum has revealed enhancements to its ActiveScale platform, with a focus on data security, increased capacity efficiency and performance. The company has also added a more compact, entry level configuration to its portfolio.


Quantum: Data security and more efficient storage capacity are among the enhancements

Quantum ActiveScale software is said to deliver flexible scalability, from a few hundred terabytes to tens of petabytes, with its Dynamic Data Placement model assuring the highest levels of data durability. Its features and architecture are designed to simplify the deployment and management of the environment today and into the future.

The new ActiveScale 5.7 Object Lock feature protects data from malicious acts such as data deletion, relocation and ransomware. Once immutability is set on an object or a bucket, it can’t be modified until the policy expires. Whether for compliance or protection against data loss, object lock ensures the data will be the same days, months, or years later.

The ActiveScale platform also now has a new Small Object Aggregation capability that enhances its ability to provide efficient storage capacity by aggregating small files into a large object prior to erasure encoding it. The aggregation results in higher utilisation and increased overall performance for small object transactions. The key differentiator of small object aggregation is the ability of ActiveScale to provide direct access to small objects without reconstituting the whole object.

Quantum has enhanced the ActiveScale architecture, now offering a smaller, three-node configuration starting at 432TB raw. With this entry-level option customers can benefit from the management, protection and preservation capabilities of ActiveScale as they grow.

“This new entry point will enable more customers to deploy best-in-class object storage at a lower capacity and grow cost-effectively,” said Bruno Hald, general manager, Secondary Storage, Quantum. “With this expanded ActiveScale object storage portfolio, customers gain features to more capably manage their data, defend it against ransomware threats with Object Lock and preserve it indefinitely.”