Industry experts have collaborated to bring ‘The Trade Show Collective’ to IBC Exhibitors - a new service launched in time for the busy IBC trade show planning season.

The Trade Show Collective, a service which will help exhibitors prepare for one of the largest international trade shows for the Media and Entertainment industry, is a collaboration between seasoned industry marketing experts Lisa Collins, Ben Davenport and Clare Plaisted. The service brings together their collective experience, expertise and resources in trade shows to provide a unique service to companies attending IBC to help them navigate, plan and market to the 48,000 attendees at the show.


The Trade show Collective is a new service launched in time for IBC2024

Designed to supplement existing marketing departments and PR support, The Trade Show Collective provides a selection of services to help smooth the trade show experience and help companies realise a return on investment on their presence at the trade show. Services span activities before, at, and after the show to ensure companies are effectively communicating and marketing to their target audience.

The services include pre-show activity in media relations, client/prospect communications, exhibitor logistics including event project management plan, side event management, brand amplification, non-exhibitor support, and research; support at the show includes media relations and event logistics; and post-show activity covering media relations and lead management.

For the full list of support offered click here.

“Trade shows offer a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders, potential clients, and key influencers all in one place,” says Lisa Collins, Managing Director of Dovetail Creative Ltd. “Our goal with The Trade Show Collective is to help exhibitors maximise these opportunities through our collective insights, extensive experience, and wide network of connections. By understanding the intricacies of the show and surrounding fringe events, we will provide exhibitors with opportunities they may not have been aware of, ensuring effective marketing and seamless execution. Our overall aim is to help exhibitors achieve significant returns on their trade show investments.”

“Love them or loathe them, trade shows are an important part of the marketing mix and likely represent a significant proportion of your annual marketing spend,” added Ben Davenport, Director, Beyond the Grapevine. “Mastering the strategy and execution of a show to maximize your ROI takes experience and resource, and together that’s what the Trade Show Collective can offer.”

“Standing out at a trade show and attracting visitors to your booth or booking a meeting at the show is about using every communication channel at your disposal to reach your target audience,” said Clare Plaisted, Founder and Principal Consultant, PRComs. “Working with press and analysts who follow the industry and cover the show entails a strategic communications plan with a coordinated approach that starts months before the show. We can help you plan and message to the press and get your message heard above the industry noise.”