The push towards generative AI (GenAI) has put a spotlight on better data management and governance, with the next 20 to 40 years expected to be dominated by conversations around the technology. 

These were the musings of an AWS panel at the IBC2023 Showcase Theatre, which saw professionals from across the media and entertainment industry discuss the implications of GenAI. 

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Gretchen Libby, Director, Visual Computing, GTM, AWS; Raghvender Arni, Director, Customer Acceleration Team, AWS; John Footen, Managing Director of Media & Entertainment at Deloitte; Garrett Goodman, VP of Sales, Papercup

“Data is the oil that really pushes AI forward,” said Raghvender Arni, Director, Customer Acceleration Team at AWS. “The big question is once you’ve created the data, who owns the copyright for it?” 

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Arni added that he’s already seeing customers using separate bespoke models for solving discrete tasks: “AI can take away the mundane part of the process, but we’re still using humans to do the creative part,” he said. 

John Footen, Managing Director of Media & Entertainment at Deloitte, offered that personalising content for each viewer in some way is going to be of dramatic importance in the future. 

“It is possible to imagine that one of the roles of GenAI is effectively to create an avatar of yourself, so you can then ask that GenAI to show content to match your mood, social situation and so on,” he said, adding that the source data on which your model is trained is an important factor in terms of the output. “I think there’s a future trend that will see small data set-based models prevail because they will be more predictable in terms of their behaviour.” 

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