IP distribution when it comes to OTT streaming is ushering in a ‘return-path revolution’, providing deeper capabilities to engage and drive customer experiences and commercialise more effectively.

This was according to Paul Martin, Strategy and Business Development Director at MainStreaming, who took to the IBC2023 Content Everywhere stage in a panel discussion covering the transition from linear to IP distribution.

IBC2023 IP Distribution - Driving a return-path revolution

(L-R): Brad Wall, Chief Technology Officer, LTN; Gary Hamer, SVP Sales & Business Development, SmartLabs; Paul Martin, Strategy and Business Development Director, MainStreaming; and moderator Stuart Thomson, Editorial Director - Digital TV Europe & TBI, take part in the IBC Content Everywhere panel

“Broadcasters need to work out how to widen their sphere of influence in terms of what they’re delivering to their customers,” said Martin. “The targeted ability that IP distribution gives you is the key.”


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He added that one of the big conversations that must continue happening is between content providers and ISPs around the world, about how viewing experiences can be best delivered to their shared consumers.

Talking about the challenges of moving customers from legacy systems, Gary Hamer, SVP Sales & Business Development at SmartLabs, said: “Simplifying the delivery architecture and landscape is bringing the fee payers of the next generation into the telco’s world, because if the telcos aren’t talking apps and mobile first, they’re going to lose an entire generation.”

Brad Wall, Chief Technology Officer at LTN, added: “Where we’re headed is more choice on platforms from a hyperlocal perspective. Sporting events are being produced and rights are being diversified in this industry in a manner we’ve never seen before. The transition is creating an extremely dynamic environment for both broadcasters and consumers.

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