IBC has always championed sustainability and green initiatives, and IBC2023 is no different.

This year’s Conference sessions reveal a strong focus on sustainability within the media and broadcasting sector. From production sets to data centers, every facet of the industry is under scrutiny, driving a collective push towards greener, more sustainable practices. Here are just a few of the key sessions addressing this theme.

Unlocking Sustainability: Innovating a greener future in broadcast and media


How do you truly go ‘green’ in media and broadcast?

This deep dive Partner Session (14.00-17.00, 17 September) is produced by the IEEE BTS and seeks to emphasise the role of innovation in advancing sustainability within the broadcast and media sectors.

As the media industry grapples with the demands of producing high-quality content against the backdrop of climate change, there’s a pressing need to adopt green practices that minimise environmental impact.

Businesses are already tackling the challenges and a star-studded line-up of speakers and panellists will be sharing their thoughts and experiences over three hours. Discussions include 

  • Opening Keynote: How Group Globo leads with sustainability - Manuel Belmar (Grupo Globo)
  • Integrating Sustainability into Your Media Enterprise: How to get started - Larissa Goerner (PMH)
  • Advancing Sustainable Broadcasting: ATSC and DVB approaches - Elfed Howells (DVB), Madeleine Noland (ATSC)
  • Navigating the Power Puzzle: Understanding energy consumption in broadcast
  • Energy efficiency and consumer tech: Lessons from 15 years in the field - Doug Johnson (CTA)

You can find out more about all of the sessions at IBC2023 on the comprehensive Content Agenda

Sustainability in Production: Uncle Albert and the new kids on the block

albert tool

albert asks: Is your content planet friendly?

Founded back in 2011, albert “supports the global film and TV industry to reduce the environmental impacts of production and to create content that supports a vision for a sustainable future.”

Join April Sotomayor, Head of Industry Sustainability at albert, along with Katy Bolan, Sustainability Lead, Google TV and Roser Canela, Senior Sustainable Production Manager, International, ITV Studios as they discuss putting sustainability at the heart of their productions, what’s working now and what the future holds.

This session is part of the Changemaker Programme at IBC2023. (11.45-12.30, 18 September)

Discover more about Changemakers at IBC2023.

SCTE: Tackling the telco net zero challenge


Reduding the carbon footprint of the telcoms industry.

The telecommunications industry, integral to broadcasting and media, has a significant carbon footprint due to its vast infrastructure.

But improvements can and are being made as telcos strive to reduce their energy usage. Amid growing global concerns about climate change, industry stakeholders are keenly exploring innovative solutions that merge the demands of high-quality service provision with environmental responsibility.

Hosted by Peter Veerman, Manager FttO Networks, SCTE / Deltafiber Nederland, listen to technical presentations about the challenges telcos face from Ralf Hemecker, Head of Sales and Daniel Rixhon, VP, Business Development, CE+T Power; plus Roelof Potters, Innovation Manager, Alliander and Daan Bonenkamp, CTO, Hirschmann Multimedia. (12.00-16.00, 18 September)

IBC2023 runs from 15-18 September 2023. Catch up on all the news via the IBC365 Live Blog.