IBC’s Accelerator Media Innovation Programme is showcasing eight projects in Amsterdam at IBC2023 and the programme has developed significantly since it began in 2019.

As Mark Smith, IBC’s Innovation Co-Lead of the programme explains: “We’ve seen the challenges and opportunities the industry has been facing around subjects like AI, and other disruptive tech fuelled by digital transformation, and we realised IBC needed to take this on and do it for itself and for its community and make collaboration a key part of what we do in innovation terms.”

You can find out more about the 2023 projects below. You don’t even need to be at the show. Just follow the links to dive deeper into the subjects, the challenges and the companies taking part.

Authenticated Data Specification

Studios, Content Creators and Broadcasters lose control of their metadata once it is published. It’s why the industry needs Authenticated Data Specification, which will allow content owners to verify and authenticate their content data and imagery - and publish it to 3rd party sources. This project is championed by ITV. Read more about it here.

Responsive Narrative Factory 

The success of future streaming services will depend on how effectively the actual video content itself is tailored to individual preferences and needs. But workflows arethe biggest obstacle to this customisation. Participants include: Infuse Video, Metarex, Cuvo.io, JPB Media Solutions, and EZDRM. Read all about it in this article.

3. Inside the IBC Accelerator exploring the success of future streaming services

Exploring the success of future streaming services with Responsive Narrative Factory.

Real-time XR Sport Edge

The project, Real-Time XR Sport Edge, will build on the latest findings surrounding interactive digital athletes, motion capture, AI and high-speed edge content delivery for live XR sports workflows for 3D metaverse worlds, and the potentials into OTT platforms. Read the overview.

Connect and Produce Everywhere 

This Accelerator project brings together DAZN, Sky Sports, BT Media & Broadcast, Vodafone Group, BBC, and TV2 to explore cloud and edge solutions to solve the complexities of covering live events, from small to large scale. Discover more…

5G Motion Capture For Live Performance And Animation project

There are two unique, creative work streams in this project that will both power live, cutting-edge motion capture and low-latency connectivity into creative output, focusing on the performing arts, and 3D animation into children’s hospitals. Dive into this project here.

IBC2023 Accelerator Project 5G Motion Capture for Performance Art and Animation

IBC2023 Accelerator Project: 5G Motion Capture for Performance Art and Animation

Championed by ITN, YLE, BBC, TV2, and TRANSMIXR, this Accelerator project aims to make live television and content more gallery and device agnostic. You can read all about it here.

“What we wanted to create is an interface,” says Aaron Nuytemans Head of Business Development at Tinkerlist, “fully cloud-based, where journalists can prepare their show and drop in all the assets they want to see appear on screen. They don’t need to know what tools are running in the background. All they know is ‘if I drop a video here, it will be sent to the correct device and appear during the live show.’”

Synthetic Humans For Entertainment And Accessibility

Two distinct use cases (resurrecting historical figures and personalities from the past and generating a photorealistic sign language interpreter) will aim to demonstrate how synthetic humans can be used to captivate audiences in visually stunning, emotionally moving, and inclusive ways. Find out more here.

RealTime Interactive Streaming Personalises Live Experiences

This project aims to demonstrate that additional revenue/ROI can be achieved through personalising viewer engagement from live interactive experience streaming, for big or small sporting and other events. Alumni Basketball League (ABL), Verizon Business, and Unity Technologies are leading this one. Find out more.

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