Iyuno Media Group has completed its acquisition of SDI Media in a deal described as a union of two of the industry’s leading localisation companies.  


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The combined company, now under the Iyuno-SDI Group brand, provides localisation and entertainment technology services to the media industry from 67 offices in 34 countries.  

Its services include end-to-end localisation, with dubbing, subtitling and access services as well as media management, transformation and distribution services in over 100 languages.  

“This combination gives us the necessary scale to meet increasingly challenging customer demands,” said Mark Howorth, former SDI Media chief executive who has been named president, Iyuno-SDI Group.  

“Our customers require rapid turn arounds, cutting edge technology and a global footprint. The combined resources of Iyuno-SDI give us the ability to deliver end-to-end solutions and maintain the highest level of content security.” 

In a statement, Iyuno-SDI said the combined technology of the two companies will create the next generation of localization platforms. 



David Lee, who has assumed the role of CEO, added: “The accelerating changes in the world are creating the need for more content that reaches audiences in every corner of the world. We know that we must accelerate our technical innovation through advances in AI, workflow automation, machine translation and global technology infrastructures.  

“In addition to these technological advancements, we have an equal priority to advance the artistic process, which then brings together the perfect combination of both disciplines to advance the state of the art of localization.” 

Iyuno is backed by Altor, Shamrock Capital and SoftBank Ventures Asia.