The proposed Marlow Film Studios in the UK, which has been supported by James Cameron and Andy Serkis, has been denied planning permission.

Buckinghamshire Council backed a recommendation from its planning officers that Marlow Film Studios’ plans for Marlow quarry be refused.

4. Marlow Film Studios

Marlow Film Studios has been denied planning permission

Robert Laycock, Chief Executive of Marlow Film Studios, told BBC news that he is considering its next steps.

“We are disappointed the committee was not able to support this extraordinary proposal,” he said.

Laycock added the committee had highlighted the “significant social and economic benefits” the proposed studio would bring to Buckinghamshire. “It is one of the most significant investment opportunities in the future of Buckinghamshire and its residents,” he said. “And we are now considering the next steps for the development.

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“In addition to luminaries like James Cameron, Andy Serkis, Paul Greengrass, Richard Curtis, Jeremy Irons and a host of global figures who support us, we are most touched by the unprecedented level of local support from Buckinghamshire.”

The BBC reported that concerns were raised that the site was an inappropriate development for greenbelt land and would have a significant impact on the local road network.

In October 2023 Buckinghamshire councillors deferred their decision on the studio so they could consider green belt and road issues, despite the site being recommended for refusal by planning officers.

Campaign group Save Marlow’s Greenbelt said the “the charm, character and wealth of Marlow and its surrounding villages will be permanently damaged by this development.”

Buckinghamshire is home to studios including Pinewood Studios and Wycombe Film Studios.

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