Evertz is showcasing a whole host of new hardware and software innovations at NAB 2024 including updates to its DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio virtual production control suite.


DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio virtual production control suite

Data-driven Metadata and Highlight Factory co-pilots provide the ability to automatically create clips, playlists and stories using AI with large language models (LLM), and deep machine learning (ML) technology. These clips and highlight packages enable content producers to enhance the production with more options. The new Motion+ feature gives production staff the almost instant ability to turn a single-phase camera to a multi-phase high-frame for super slow-motion replays, both on-premises or with the cloud.

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Evertz also launched a range of hardware control panels for BRAVO Studio, including BRAVO-AIRFLY-PRO, BRAVO-WAVEBOARD, and BRAVO-WAVEBOARD-MINI, all of which are designed for operators looking for more tactile control surfaces. Additionally, Evertz has integrated Studer’s Vista digital mixing consoles into BRAVO Studio to create enhanced audio production. The introduction of Vista BRAVO adds a new dimension to the production platform by providing access to a full mixing console featuring enhanced audio capabilities.


At NAB 2024, Evertz will introduce the new DC-ONE platforms (DC-ONE-SE and DC-ONE-LX) for entry level and mid-tier replay applications. The new 1RU platform is targeted at companies that are looking to replace older replay technologies and take advantage of the DreamCatcher platform. The DC-ONE provides users with key features that include support for 8 x 3G/HD I/O, continuous record, 16 channels of audio per input, slow motion replay, multi-angle clipping, playlist creation, a control panel and more.

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