NEP has switched its fleet of OB trucks to be powered by recycled biofuel as part of a step to reduce CO2 emissions and achieving carbon neutrality.

NEP UK made an investment to switch their entire fleet of OB trucks to use GD+ HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil), an ultra-low emission sustainable alternative ‘drop in’ fuel that requires no vehicle modifications for diesel engines.


NEP OB trucks to use ultra-low emission sustainable alternative fuel

GD+ HVO is made from 100% waste organic matter such as used cooking oils and fats and other Agri waste.

By moving its fleet of trucks to using GD+ HVO, NEP has looked to reduce its greenhouse gases related to transport by 95% and improve local air quality by reducing tailpipe emissions by up to 85%.

While moving to Biofuel does not completely reduce emissions to net zero, NEP UK will also offset any remaining emissions through a carbon offsetting programme.

The fuel is being supplied by supplied by Green Biofuels.

Simon Moorhead, managing director of NEP UK Broadcast Services, said: “NEP UK is committed to sustainable productions and minimising our environmental impact as we move towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Switching our fleet to be powered by GD+ HVO is one of the key initiatives we have committed to in the UK to support NEP’s global ‘Project Earth’ environmental sustainability initiative.

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