2023 was a great year for media and entertainment and we’ve pulled together our list of the most popular technology stories of the year. Our top 10 countdown starts with…

10. IBC365’s 2023 Webinar Programme

IBC hosted numerous exclusive webinars in 2023 covering a diverse range of topics that included TV newsroom transformation, 8K content viability, fan engagement in sports, 5G remote production and data-driven consumer insights. 


The IBC Webinar programme brings the brightest minds together.

The IBC webinar programme is a core part of IBC’s mission to tackle the key trends and challenges facing content creation, management, delivery, and consumption. Offering valuable insights to industry professionals, all of IBC’s webinars are available to watch on demand at any time. In addition, a vast archive of video interviews, plus show keynotes and panels, are also available from IBC2023 and past events.

9. UK Film And High-End TV Production Hits Record £6.27 Billion

The UK film and television industry is booming, at least according to the numbers from 2022. Just take a look at the stats we reported this year:

  • UK film and TV production reached a record £6.27 billion in 2022, exceeding pre-pandemic levels
  • High-end TV (HETV) dominated with £4.3 billion spend, fueled by inward investment like Lord of the Rings and Bridgerton
  • Independent UK film faced a £174 million downturn, highlighting vulnerability despite overall growth
  • Streaming platform investment boosted single long-form productions like Blitz and Napoleon

The numbers show that the UK has become a top film and TV production hub, attracting major projects and investments. Consequently, the industry continues to be a significant driver of jobs and growth for the UK economy. Increased streamer involvement in 2022 will undoubtedly continue into 2023, part of a shift in the content landscape that favours big-budget, single-episode productions. That said, independent film hasn’t fared so well, raising concerns about diversity and access within the industry. Read the full story.

8. BBC Leads The Way At RTS TV Journalism Awards 2023

The BBC dominated the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2023, winning 11 awards including top categories like Network Daily News Programme and Network Presenter. 

The wins highlighted the BBC’s continued strength in news production and its ability to deliver high-quality journalism even in a challenging media landscape. ITV came second with 5 awards, while Sky News won 3 awards, including Channel of the Year. 

2. RTS_Network Presenter of Year_Clive Myrie.mage credit RTS-Richard KendalJPG

Clive Myrie scooped the RTS Network Presenter of Year award in 2023. Credit: RTS | Richard Kendal

The RTS Special Award was jointly given to the BBC, ITN, PA & Sky News for their efforts to get cameras into Crown Courts, showcasing the importance of collaboration in investigative journalism. The 2023 awards reasserted the BBC’s leading role in British television news, its commitment to quality journalism, and the value of collaboration in tackling important stories. 

7. BBC Reveals Astonishing Eurovision 2023 Production Stats

Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool saw the singing contest hit new heights, especially in terms of production and logistics. With miles of cabling, thousands of lights, and intricate set design, this grand spectacle not only entertained millions but also demonstrated the BBC’s production prowess. The sheer magnitude of the production solidified Eurovision’s status as a top global entertainment event.  

6. Disney Cuts Content, Takes $1.5 Bn Impairment Charge

If many were wondering when the streaming gravy train would start to go off the rails, Disney’s dramatic cost-cutting efforts saw $1.5 billion-worth of digital content removed from its streaming services. 

This major write-down was significant as it reflected the challenge of streaming in a tough economy, one hit by a global cost of living crisis. It was a pivotal moment for Disney’s streaming strategy in 2023, raising questions about future content production and subscription streaming models, giving rise to cheaper ad-supported options. Read the full story.

5. US Actors Union Calls For Strike Mandate Ahead Of Studio Talks

Back in May, SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) was urging its 160,000 members to authorise a potential strike before negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). The authorisation aimed to strengthen the union’s position in crucial talks amidst an ongoing writers’ strike over pay and AI use concerns. 

Actors Strike Continues as Negotiations Break Down

The actors strike ran from July 14 until November 9 when a deal was finally reached.

As we all know, from July 14 to November 9 2023, SAG-AFTRA went on strike, eventually securing a $1 billion deal that would see streamers pay bonuses of circa $40 million a year. The SAG-AFTRA strike delayed many high profile projects, and was the biggest interruption to the US film and TV industry since the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. ITVX Kids To Launch, ITV To Close CITV

In a move that echoes the rise of digital TV, ITV announced that it was shutting down its CITV broadcast channel and transitioning children’s content to its new streaming service, ITVX Kids. 

The new platform would offer over 100 titles and 1,000 hours of programming for school and preschool aged children, featuring both new and existing series. CITV, which originally launched in 1983, closed in early Autumn, with some children’s content moving to ITV2 mornings and ITVBe’s LittleBe segment.

3. IBC2023 Technical Paper Submissions

The IBC Technical Papers Programme draws great interest every year, welcoming entries from right across the board. It is judged by experts from the IBC Technical Papers Committee and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). 

Papers accepted for presentation at the IBC2023 Conference had the opportunity to win the highly coveted Best Conference Paper Award, presented at the IBC2023 Awards. This year, amongst submissions that included ‘Sign Language Interpreter Virtual Human Avatar KIKI’ and ‘A Real-time 8K-60 fps-HDR VVC/H.266 Software Encoder for Next-generation Live Applications’, the Best Technical Paper accolade was scooped by ‘5G Standalone Non-Public Networks: Modernising Wireless Production’, which explores how a 5G network was deployed for King Charles III’s coronation.

2. Mediawan Teams With Entourage Ventures

Back in February, the France-based Mediawan Group and TV announced a partnership with Entourage Ventures in a significant €100 million co-investment deal to finance future TV series. The partnership, spanning four to six years, involved Mediawan Rights, Mediawan’s distribution subsidiary, in co-developing, producing, and distributing series with high international appeal. 

This industry story is what makes IBC365 tick and the collaboration was hailed as a major step in supporting creative talents and promoting European creation with a global reach. It solidified Mediawan’s position as a major player in the global TV market. Read the full story.

1. IBC2023 Live!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the most popular news story of 2023 was the IBC365 Live Blog during IBC2023. Over four days (15-18 September), we tracked all of the biggest announcements from Europe’s premier broadcast, media and entertainment show. Highlights included videos from the hundreds of panels and presentations, photos from the show floor, as well as a track of new product launches and demos. 


The IBC Live Blog tracked all the news, interviews and product releases at IBC2023.

“We’ve seen a fantastic turnout from the entire industry at IBC2023,” said Michael Crimp, IBC Chief Executive Officer as IBC2023 drew to a close. “The quality of visitors has been outstanding. There’s been a real sense of purpose at the show as media leaders and tech pioneers come together to help our industry navigate change and build a better future. Thank you for your ongoing support and participation – we’ll see you again next year.”

So, there you have it. These were the top news stories on IBC365 in 2023. Stay tuned to ibc.org for more news and insight in 2024.