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    Technical Papers

    5G Innovation: Real World Breakthroughs from the 2023 Tech Paper


    As the 2024 Technical Papers open for submissions, Samuel Yoffe, who was part of the winning team for the Best Tech Paper Award 2023, shared his experience around taking part in the prestigious innovation programme.  

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    IBC2024 Technical Papers: Submissions Open


    Forward-thinking technology experts from all sectors across the media, entertainment and technology industry have been given the opportunity to submit their Technical Papers for the IBC2024 Conference.

  • 5. Film and TV Industry Set for Disruption due to Actors’ Union Strike

    The most popular IBC365 news stories of 2023


    2023 was a great year for media and entertainment and we’ve pulled together our list of the most popular technology stories of the year. Our top 10 countdown starts with…

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    IBC2023: Final Days for 2023 Technical Paper Submissions


    All sectors and disciplines across the media, entertainment and technology industry are invited to submit entries for IBC’s acclaimed Technical Papers, as submissions enter the final days ahead of the IBC2023 Conference.

  • tech paper XR and avatars

    Technical papers: XR and avatars


    IBC2022: Our first paper describes a system for encoding and synthesising facial movements, which are then superimposed on either a realistic or chosen “face” (it can also synthesise those movements from audio speech). Everyone has become very familiar with video-conferencing over the last two years, both professionally and socially – ...

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    Daily News

    IBC2022 Technical Papers Programme to address real world issues


    The Technical Papers Programme returns to IBC with original, novel research being presented as part of the 2022 Conference Programme.

  • IBC Digital 2021 5G, Delivering on the promise

    IBC Digital 2021: 5G, Delivering on the promise


    Scratch below ”5G is faster” and you’ll uncover a technically sophisticated framework with detailed architectural solutions designed to support many new use cases and business models. 

  • Advances in video coding

    IBC Digital 2021: Advances in Video Coding


    In this session we showcase significant coding gains arising from both traditional and Artificial Intelligence based techniques. Quantisation is at the heart of compression and in this masterclass paper, you will learn how practical advances in rate-distortion optimisation continue to drive encoder gains, across codecs. 

  • Advances in audio

    IBC Digital 2021: Advances in Audio - Using some remarkable signal processing


    Every broadcaster knows that the most common complaint from viewers is that programme dialog is hard to discern against a background of atmospheric sounds, mood music and competing voices. It is especially a problem of age, where 90% of people over 60 years old, report problems. 

  • Optimising Streaming - Savings of Scale

    IBC Digital 2021: Optimising Streaming - Savings of Scale


    Streaming is ubiquitous and both bandwidth and storage hungry. In this session we focus on improvements to both of these challenges, a must for cost saving at scale. For IBC Digital 2021, our first paper investigated, tested and provided an open-source solution that optimises viewer experience when adaptively streaming context ...

  • XR

    IBC Digital 2021: XR Producing Immersive Experiences


    For XR to come of age, we have needed practical capture systems, familiar production processes and an effective blending of game and multimedia technologies. In this session, we addressed all three of these challenges: showcasing a production environment with 6 degrees of freedom (6 DoF) video and spatial audio capture ...

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    SMPTE opens call for papers for 2022 annual technical conference


    Technical paper proposals can now be submitted for SMPTE’s Media Technology Summit, formerly the Annual Technical Conference. SMPTE is also accepting proposals for participation in the Storytellers series.

  • Best Technical Paper - Hannes Ricklefs with award

    IBC opens call for 2022 Technical Papers


    IBC has launched its call for Technical Papers for the IBC2022 Conference. 

  • XR producing immersive experiences
    Technical Papers

    IBC2021 Tech Papers: XR Producing Immersive Experiences


    The subject of XR producing immerisve experiences is delivered by Simon Gunkel in his paper ’Immersive Experiences and XR: A game engine or multimedia streaming problem?’, by Kai Zhou in the paper ’Real-time 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes with Scalable Resolution’ and by Florian Schweiger in the paper ’Tools for ...

  • ST2110 on modern IT infrastructure
    Technical Papers

    IBC2021 Tech Papers: ST2110 on Modern IT Infrastructure – How Difficult is it?


    The subject of ST2110 on modern IT infrastructure is discussed by Thomas True in his paper ’ST2110 Network-Attached Display for Virtualizing Production’ and by Kieran Kunhya in the paper ’The challenges involved in generating ST 2110 streams on Standard IT Hardware’.

  • 2021 optimise
    Technical Papers

    IBC2021 Tech Papers: Optimising Streaming – Savings at Scale


    The subject of optimising streaming is discussed by Ali C. Begen in the paper ’Adaptive Streaming of Content-Aware-Encoded Videos in dash.js’ and by Will Law in ’Universal CMAF container for efficient cross-format low latency delivery’ and by supporting papers Selective storage: Store and deliver only what matters by Julien Le ...

  • AI in media production
    Technical Papers

    IBC2021 Tech Papers: AI in Media Production - Creating new markets for linear content


    The subject of AI in media production is examined by Michael Armstrong in his paper ’Realising Additional Value from Linear Content Using Automation: how metadata and templates enable media personalisation and user interaction’ and by Rasa Bocyte in the paper ’Trans-Vector Platform: Optimised Distribution of Video Assets Across Digital Channels’.

  • Cutting edge technologies

    Presentations and papers: All of this year’s Technical Papers


    This week on IBC Digital the focus has been on the theme of Innovation, with the 2021 Technical Papers forming a key part of the content published on the platform. This article contains overviews and links to all of the video presentations and papers. 

  • Orchestrated devices
    Technical Papers

    IBC2021 Tech Papers: Orchestrated Devices - A vision of networked home entertainment


    The subject of orchestrated devices is explored by Hiroki Endo in the paper ’IoT-based Media Framework for Public Service Media: Expansion of Current Digital Broadcasting Systems’ and by Kristian Hentschel in the paper ’Producing immersive and interactive audio content with orchestrated personal devices’ and in the supporting paper by Regina ...

  • Cutting edge technologies
    Technical Papers

    IBC2021 Tech Papers: Cutting Edge Technologies - A preview of some experimental concepts


    The subject of cutting edge technologies is explored by Hannes Ricklefs in his paper ’Stronger together: Cross service media recommendations’ in Luca Vignaroli’s paper entitled ’The Itinerant Orchestra, a 5G, multi-camera, remote and distributed video production experiment’ and in Yuta Hagio’s paper, ’TV-watching Robot: Toward Enriching Media Experience and Activating ...