3 Screen Solutions (3SS) has deployed the 3Ready Entertainment Ecosystem to networks worldwide, an all-in portfolio of complementary capabilities, technical deployment options, key vendor partnership network and pre-integrations.

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3SS: Claims 3Ready frees operators from vendor lock-in with maximum flexibility and transparency

The system has been deployed today, able to be viewed in an aggregated 10 million homes. 

According to 3SS, the goal is to empower operators and broadcasters to focus on achieving business objectives earlier and create superior experiences when developing their next-generation entertainment products, including Android TV, multiscreen, and voice services. 

The service provider is presented with an array of pre-integration options, able to be connected with the back end, content protection, recommendation engine, STB, and other system elements. They can develop and extend their 3Ready-optimised system modularly at any time, aligned with business and market conditions and product lifecycle. 

3SS says a core aim with the ecosystem is to eliminate technology uncertainties and integration headaches so that providers can focus on maximising customer engagement and satisfaction. 

Pierre Donath, chief product officer at 3SS, said: “With the 3Ready Entertainment Ecosystem, we are enabling service providers to create the best customer experiences built on reliable, future-proof technology and a proven design system.  

“Our primary objective is to help providers launch world-class services rapidly with ongoing customer-centric innovation to stay ahead in today’s challenging market,” he added. 

Operators and broadcasters have the flexibility to co-design, co-define and co-develop together with specialist teams from 3SS based on the 3Ready Product Framework. Furthermore, providers benefit from 3SS’ expertise and certification in modern agile development methodologies, including SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). 

3SS launched 3Ready during IBC 2016, featuring concepts such as Linear-on-Demand (LoD). LoD powerfully enables the curation of video assets from a diverse range of sources and assembles them in a personalised linear experience, presented as topic- or theme-based content feeds. Further developments such as 3Ready Control Center offer built-in targeting and A/B testing, which empowers providers to track which existing and new features appeal to viewers. 3Ready Assistant offers enhanced voice capability to improve Google Assistant functionality and provides a platform to enable conversational engagement with the service provider. Such capabilities are at the heart of new Entertainment Ecosystem, according to 3SS.  

“To thrive in today’s challenging and confusing marketplace, amid the growing dominance of streaming giants, service providers must differentiate with user-centric offerings built around personal interests rather than the classic models tied to channel brands,” explained Donath. “But in parallel they need to increase the stickiness of their service. Better personalisation and simpler, more useful content discovery and access are the answers.” 

All interested parties can now register for free on a new dedicated website, which provides access to 3Ready-centric resources and keeps members up to date on the latest developments in the 3Ready Entertainment Ecosystem.