3 Screen Solutions (3SS) has detailed its support in the launch of the advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) service Toggo, by German children’s broadcaster Super RTL. 

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Super RTL kids’ service Toggo: Is now live, with its launch accelerated and optimised with the help of 3SS 

The service which went live on 8 April, is aimed at youngsters aged 0-13 years and is undertaking a staged service launch, starting with a 3SS-engineered Fire TV app, to be followed by a range of other apps. 

Toggo follows on from the relaunch of kividoo, Super RTL’s SVOD service for 2-13-year-olds, enabled by 3SS and announced in May 2019. Super RTL benefits from its adoption of modern principles of agile development. Embracing the principles of “SAFe” (Scaled Agile Framework) results in faster, high-quality system deployments, and high levels of efficiency in product development, with engaged, more motivated individuals and teams. 

The 3SS project team worked very closely with Super RTL’s in-house team. Consistent with the methodologies of agile, continuous development with simultaneous testing and quality assurance operations, as well as a high level of communication, resulted in faster progress and accelerated Toggo’s launch. Super RTL team members particularly expressed appreciation for the transparent and collaborative communications among all parties. 

Using 3SS’ 3READY Framework, the initial phase of the Toggo rollout was completed within six months. 3READY Control Center is providing Super RTL with a customer experience management tool that gives real-time control over presentation of content, features and branding of all apps all from one location. Super RTL can at any time efficiently A/B test, adapt and improve Toggo based on viewer feedback.