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  • More Formats - More Conversions

    IBC Digital 2021: More Formats - More Conversions


    Whilst the enhanced video formats of Ultra High Definition (UHD), Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) present in spectacular quality - they also bring a myriad of format conversion challenges, whether that is up-converting legacy content for use in new productions or down-converting HDR/WCG to suit traditional ...

  • Video

    IBC Digital 2021: 5G, Delivering on the promise


    Scratch below ”5G is faster” and you’ll uncover a technically sophisticated framework with detailed architectural solutions designed to support many new use cases and business models. 

  • Advances in video coding

    IBC Digital 2021: Advances in Video Coding


    In this session we showcase significant coding gains arising from both traditional and Artificial Intelligence based techniques. Quantisation is at the heart of compression and in this masterclass paper, you will learn how practical advances in rate-distortion optimisation continue to drive encoder gains, across codecs. 

  • AI in Media Production - Creating new markets for linear content

    IBC Digital 2021: AI in Media Production - Creating new markets for linear content


    For decades, broadcasters have been producing linear programmes, such as news, magazines or documentaries, which contain valuable audio-visual information about a vast variety of individual topics. The problem is that these individual topics are often neither addressable nor findable. Could AI and machine learning, segment or chapterise this archived material ...

  • Advances in audio

    IBC Digital 2021: Advances in Audio - Using some remarkable signal processing


    Every broadcaster knows that the most common complaint from viewers is that programme dialog is hard to discern against a background of atmospheric sounds, mood music and competing voices. It is especially a problem of age, where 90% of people over 60 years old, report problems. 

  • Optimising Streaming - Savings of Scale

    IBC Digital 2021: Optimising Streaming - Savings of Scale


    Streaming is ubiquitous and both bandwidth and storage hungry. In this session we focus on improvements to both of these challenges, a must for cost saving at scale. For IBC Digital 2021, our first paper investigated, tested and provided an open-source solution that optimises viewer experience when adaptively streaming context ...

  • Facial recognition

    IBC Digital 2021: Facial Recognition - Various facets of a powerful media tool


    Facial recognition is one of today’s most controversial media technologies. In 2021, claims were that it can reliably recognise subjects wearing sunglasses or medical masks, and that it can even differentiate between identical twins. Not all of its many possibilities are sinister, however. In this session we shall see how ...

  • The Cloud - For Live and Production Workflows

    IBC Digital 2021: The Cloud - For Live and Production Workflows


    Cloud-based production is revolutionising the working practice of journalists and entertainment media producers, allowing increased flexibility of location and opportunities for innovation and speed of creation. In this 2021 session we explore two advances which contributed to the efficiency of the workflow.

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    Live 360° video delivery


    In this paper, MediaKind explores viewport-adaptive 360º video delivery.