In this session, panelists addressed broadcast delivery at scale combined with seamless unicast delivery to ensure coverage and service augmentation and ask: but how close are we? Experts presented their solutions at the RAI, Amsterdam on Friday 15 September. These three papers are available to download via the links below.

In this three-paper session RAI (and its co-contributors) will present a comprehensive overview of an extensive 5G Broadcast deployment in Italy, covering the cities of Turin and Palermo with High Power High Tower (HPHT) transmitters combined with a CDN distribution for deploying hybrid 5G Broadcast/Broadband services. Qualcomm will present a technically detailed analysis of how 5G broadcast is designed to reuse current 5G mobile hardware and protocol stacks. They will also include a performance comparison with ATSC3.0. Finally, Dolby (alongside its co-authors) will present an overview of ETSI’s Technical Report on deployment guidelines for DVB-I service delivery over 5G Systems, closing a missing piece of the convergence puzzle. 

Watch the IBC2023 session here


Alessandro Lucco-Castello, Researcher - RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana


Alessandro Lucco Castello

Alessandro followed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin with working as a security consultant on computer networks. 

In 2018 he became researcher at the RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana Research Center in Turin. His scientific interests include all the aspects related to mobile and fixed networks in the perspective of a possible 4G/5G mobile TV converged scenario.  

Alongside a research group of which he is a member, he is currently working on laboratory testing and verification of 5G Broadcast TV transmission and reception systems. The laboratory work is then always verified with field tests with measurement campaigns in different regions of Italy. The results obtained are continually shared and compared with national and international groups. 

Thomas Stockhammer, Senior Director, Technical Standards - Qualcomm


Thomas Stockhammer

Dr. Thomas Stockhammer joined Qualcomm in 2014 and now acts as Senior Director Technical Standards. In his different roles, he co-authored more than 200 research publications, more than 200 patents and thousands of standards contributions.

He is currently active in and has leadership and rapporteur positions in 3GPP, DVB, MPEG, IETF, ATSC, CTA, ETSI, Metaverse Standards Forum and the DASH-Industry Forum in multimedia communication, TV-distribution, 5G broadcast, content delivery protocols, immersive media representation, adaptive streaming, XR and the Metaverse.

Among others, he leads MPEG-I Scene Description efforts, DASH-IF Technical working group, 3GPP Video and XR activities as well as DVB-5G activities. He received several awards for work on DASH, media delivery and 5G Broadcast, namely the INCITS Technical Excellence Award 2013, the 3GPP Excellence award 2017, the CTA Technology & Standards Achievement Award 2019 and an Emmy Inventor Award for in 2022. He is a regular speaker and Programme Committee Member at events such as IBC, DVB World, Mile High Video, MWS or BroadThinking. In January 2023, he was elevated to become an IEEE Fellow for his contributions to media delivery and video streaming standards. 


Simon Pike, Spectrum Expert - Consultant

Simon Pike is a Chartered Engineer and an expert in spectrum policy and wireless technology, focusing on mobile and broadcast applications from 1.6MHz to >40GHz. He was the principal spectrum expert for Vodafone Group, representing it in international meetings in CEPT and ITU, and attended the last six World Radiocommunication Conferences as a member of the UK delegation. 

He has been an active participant in numerous standards committees, chairing two ETSI committees on conformity assessment for base stations. He was a member of the UK DCMS team that developed the 5G Testbeds and Trials programme. 

Previously, he worked for the UK Independent Broadcasting Authority, undertaking research projects on transporting D-MAC on cable TV networks and microwave distribution of video. 

Simon has been a member of the IBC Technical Papers Committee for more than ten years, and in 2018 he presented a paper on ‘5G: the Vision, the Reality and the Future’. 

Simon is now an independent consultant. He continues his involvement in spectrum policy development, where he is able to take an independent view on the balance between the demands of the mobile sector and other developing technologies and the continuing needs of incumbent services.

Access and download the papers:

IBC2023 Tech Papers: Efficient delivery of audiovisual content to mobile devices combining 5G Broadcast and CDN technologies.

IBC2023 Tech Papers: 5G Broadcast Receivers: Optimizing Performance under Implementation Constraints

IBC2023 Tech Papers: DVB-I service delivery over 5G Systems