Technical Papers: Watch a presentation by the authors and read their technical paper on Future MPEG standards VVC and EVC

Before the dust has settled on HEVC, new codec VVC has reached final draft showing a 40% coding improvement. In this session we present two papers - the first an exemplary paper from Interdigital provides not only a description of VVC’s new technical tools, but also a performance analysis of their individual coding gains. The second, from Ateme asks, so can we now deliver 8K? and considers both the traditionally developed codec VVC, as well as EVC, the codec designed to ease licensing issues.  In addition to the presented papers, this session champions two supporting papers – an adaptive quantizer from Comcast which considers the Human Visual System when targeting mobile devices with HDR, and a further 8K delivery study from B-com, comparing traditional codecs against machine learnt up-conversion. 

Presenters:Dr. Edouard François, Principal Scientist, Interdigital 

Dr. Mickael Raulet, VP Innovation, Ateme 

Host:Dr. Paul Entwistle, IBC Technical Papers Committee 

Technical Papers

Read Technical Paper: Future MPEG standards VVC and EVC: 8K broadcast enabler

Read VVC per-tool performance evaluation compared to HVEC

Supporting Papers

Read An objective evaluation of codecs and post-processing tools for 8K video compression 

Read HVS-based perceptual quantization matrices for HDR HEVC video coding for mobile devices