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    2023: What to Expect


    ”May you live in interesting times”, as the popular saying (or ancient curse, depending on your interpretation) goes, and certainly 2023 is set to be very interesting indeed. From the global financial outlook and its repercussions, to the accelerating pace of technological change, there’s plenty ahead to give food for ...

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    Top 10 Trends of 2022: FAST, AI, Virtual production and more


    There’s no arguing it, 2022 has seen quite a few ups and downs - the fact that the Collins Dictionary word of the year was ‘permacrisis’ says a lot. On the positive side though, a return to more normal social mixing post-pandemic has lifted spirits. We’ve seen the return of ...

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    5G NR: The Other Side of 5G


    To the general public, 5G mobile networks are mainly a better version of 4G and 3G that gives faster download speeds with lower latency. Although this is true, it’s only part of the story, as John Maxwell Hobbs reports.

  • Accelerator 5G remote production

    Accelerator - 5G remote production (in the middle of nowhere)


    IBC2022: This breakthrough 5G project demonstrates just how portable and flexible a private 5G ‘network in a box’ can be for a variety of live broadcast production use cases, taking it to some truly remote global locations, as well as to the IBC show itself.

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    Technical papers: 5G - Tools, trials and media production


    IBC2022: 5G media streaming is a sophisticated infrastructure designed to robustly support the increasing consumption of high-quality video from content providers. To aid understanding and adoption of its capabilities, a suite of open-source tools (5G-MAG) have been developed.

  • tech paper XR and avatars

    Technical papers: XR and avatars


    IBC2022: Our first paper describes a system for encoding and synthesising facial movements, which are then superimposed on either a realistic or chosen “face” (it can also synthesise those movements from audio speech). Everyone has become very familiar with video-conferencing over the last two years, both professionally and socially – ...

  • Accelerator - 5G XR

    Accelerator - 5G and the arena of the future for XR events


    IBC2022: The first of two 5G-themed Accelerator projects demonstrates how the winning combo of 5G and XR (Extended Realities) have truly pushed 5G’s low latency and connectivity into a bespoke 3D arena-verse of the future, including multi-location, multi-player AR techno-sports and fan hyper-personalisation with 3D advertising using immersive, real-time technologies, ...

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    Daily News

    b<>com showcases Dome for private 5G


    Private French innovation centre bcom is showcasing a private 5G network product called Dome and highlighting how it can be applied in the broadcast industry.

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    TNW Talks @ IBC: Mobile & 5G


    IBC2022: 5G is transforming how we consume and create content across mobile devices. 5G roll-out continues to accelerate around, bridging distances and bringing hyper-rich experiences to the hands of the public. But this is just the beginning - what will come next as we push the limits of 5G and ...

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    Daily News

    Broadcast industry must embrace the metaverse


    The hype around the metaverse is fully justified, the IBC Conference heard yesterday.

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    Daily News

    Dejero jumps into 5G


    Dejero is embracing the latest generation of mobile communications technology. At IBC, the Canada-based company is showcasing its new EnGo 3 and EnGo 3x 5G mobile transmitters with integrated internet gateway, along with its new WayPoint 3 receiver.

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    Open RAN activation brings together Virgin Media O2, NEC and Rakuten


    Following a successful trial in 2021, the first five Open RAN sites are now live on Virgin Media O2’s network to handle commercial traffic.

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    Webinar roundup - Production and post at IBC2022


    Hear what production technology specialists have to say about the biggest themes at IBC2022 and the changes they’ve seen to areas such as production and post, live remote, virtual production and 5G.

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    IBC2022 Technical Papers Programme to address real world issues


    The Technical Papers Programme returns to IBC with original, novel research being presented as part of the 2022 Conference Programme.

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    IABM has “a goldmine of business-enhancing information” for IBC2022 attendees


    IABM, the international voice of the broadcast and media technology supply industry, has published a comprehensive schedule of business-enhancing insights for the BaM Live™ Stage which will be running throughout IBC2022.

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    Daily News

    Cutting CO2 while improving QoE


    Ateme will be showcasing its products for video delivery, from contribution and media supply chain management to CDNs, as well as its monetisation options, including dynamic ad insertion and 5G.

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    Innovation in action at IBC2022


    New for IBC2022, the Innovation Stage in Hall 2 will unlock the path to innovation in areas such as cloud, 5G, gaming, adtech and more, with insights and innovative projects from manufacturers, software providers, startups and content experts. It will also be home to the Accelerator presentations.

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    Daily News

    Moving live to the cloud with LiveU


    The cloud will take centre stage on the LiveU stand, including a first look at its end-to-end cloud production workflow with LiveU acquired the company in May 2022 and has integrated to offer a full solution for live contribution, cloud production, orchestration, ingest and distribution.

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    IBC Accelerators 2022 (Part 1): Using 5G to support live and virtual events


    One of the biggest overarching themes evident in the IBC Accelerators for 2022 is 5G. Mark Mayne talks to participants from Strathclyde University and Vodafone about their projects.