• Amazon adds Dolby Vision to Fire TV sets
  • Wants “simpler and smarter” products
  • Fire TV platform has 34m users

Amazon Fire TV credit  Eric Broder Van Dyke shutterstock

Amazon Fire TV: Now supporting Dolby Vision

Source:  Eric Broder Van Dyke/Shutterstock

Amazon has launched its first Fire TV Edition TV with support for Dolby Vision.

Made by Toshiba, the TVs will be available as a 55-inch, 50-inch and 43-inch models. They will be sold exclusively by Amazon and US retail giant Best Buy. The 55-inch model is available now, with the other models to be released later this month.

Dolby Vision is an end-to-end process for mastering and delivering high dynamic range content.

Amazon unveiled its first Fire TV Edition TVs two years ago, and since then has launched more than 20 variants. In May, Amazon announced that the Fire TV platform has more than 34 million active monthly users.

Amazon’s Fire TV software is also equipped with the firm’s Alexa voice assistant.

Amazon’s VP of Fire TV development Sandeep Gupta said Amazon worked closely with Best Buy and Dolby on the design and build of the TVs.

“In launching our products over the last year, we’ve wanted to make sure they follow our philosophy: simpler and smarter,” Gupta told The Verge.