The BBC won 11 of the Royal Television Society television journalism awards for 2018, with Sky News and CNN recognised for creative and excellent journalism. 

Daily news programme of the year bbc news at ten rts awards

BBC winners of the Daily News Programme of the Year award

The Daily News Programme of the Year for BBC News at Ten was awarded to BBC News for BBC One, and both News Coverage - Home award for The Grenfell Tower Fire to Newsnight on BBC Two and the International award for Yemen went to BBC News for BBC One. 

News Channel of the Year went to Sky News as did the Breaking News award for its coverage of the Manchester Terror Attack. CNN International was rewarded with Scoop of the Year for its enterprising storytelling about the Libya Slave Market.

Victoria Derbyshire won the Network Presenter of the Year award for Victoria Derbyshire Programme, BBC Two and BBC News’ Orla Guerin was awarded Television Journalist of the Year.

The Specialist Journalist of the Year award was won by Channel 4 News’ Michael Crick on ITN for Channel 4, and Nawal Al-Maghafi on BBC News for BBC One took the Young Talent of the Year award.

The full list of winners and judges commentary:

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Breaking News

Manchester Terror Attack Sky News

“The entries for the Breaking News category focused on two terrible tragedies here in the UK - the Grenfell Tower fire and the Manchester Bombing. There were extraordinary demands made on broadcasters in matters of speed of response, sensitivity in dealing with grieving families and friends, and the delivery of context and explanation while events were still unfolding. The winning entry provided all this as well as a remarkable background exclusive within hours of the event happening.”


Grenfell Tower Fire Sky News

Good Morning Britain - Grenfell Tower Fire ITV Studios Daytime for ITV

Camera Operator of the Year

Antonio Denti - Reuters World News Service Reuters Video News

“This was a really powerful portfolio, the camera operator had an amazing ability to tell a story with images, some of which moved the jury to tears!”


Mstyslav Chernov - The Associated Press

Olivier Sarbil - Channel 4 News ITN for Channel 4

Current Affairs - Home

Undercover: Britain’s Immigration Secrets - Panorama BBC Panorama for BBC One

“The winning entry was a very impressive piece of television, which included shocking and riveting undercover footage. A compelling watch, and a remarkable young undercover protagonist who became the ‘star of the show’! An outstanding and powerful film, which has had significant real world effects.”


Grenfell Tower: The 21st Floor - Newsnight BBC Two

Primados: The Secret Drugs Scandal Sky News

Current Affairs - International

The Rohingya Crisis: The Tula Toli Massacre - Newsnight BBC Two

“… an exceptionally strong field…the top three were all serious contenders for the prize. In the end, the award went to a programme that tackled a single event within a major unfolding crisis. Outstanding and exceptional, with great access and interviews. It was well-judged and compellingly told.”


North Korea: Murder in the Family - This World BBC Current Affairs for BBC Two

Syria’s Disappeared: The Case Against Assad – Channel 4 Dispatches Afshar Films for Channel 4

Daily News Programme of the Year

BBC News at Ten BBC News for BBC One

“The winning programme showed the value of high quality journalism at home and abroad. It had the courage to devote time to original investigations - as well as incisive analysis by some of the best reporters and correspondents in the business. It had confidence and authority, whether in the studio or on location.”


ITV News at Ten ITN for ITV

Victoria Derbyshire Programme BBC Two

Interview of the Year

Victoria Derbyshire Programme - Football Abuse Revelations BBC Two

“The winning interview was a major scoop that was very delicately handled. The humanity and empathy displayed by the interviewer unlocked moving and heart-rending testimony from a group of people for whom talking about the events being disclosed was a challenge. The interview made headline news and had an immediate and widespread impact.”


Newsnight - Grenfell: Emily Maitlis interviews Theresa May BBC Two

A Nolan Show Investigation: The Arlene Foster and Jonathan Bell Interviews BBC One Northern Ireland

Nations and Regions Current Affairs

Inside Out - An Inside Out Special: Operation Sanctuary BBC News English Regions for BBC One NE & Cumbria

“The judges were blown away by the originality and the journalism behind this story, which took two years to make. It was a quality production with the technical elements skillfully directed. The small team had clearly invested heavily in this hard-to-tell story and overcame legal hurdles to ensure it was broadcast… a standout piece of journalism that raises important moral questions about the secret world of paid informers.”


BBC Scotland Investigates - Humans for Sale BBC Scotland for BBC One Scotland

The Hunt for Classroom Extremists BBC News English Regions for BBC One (West Midlands)

Nations and Regions News

ITV News London: Grenfell Tower ITN for ITV

“This was a brilliantly executed response to a massive and tragic breaking story. The programme had a remarkable degree of authority, with powerful storytelling and compelling pictures.”


Meridian Tonight - Camber Sands ITV Meridian News for ITV

Granada Reports - Manchester Arena Bomb ITV Granada for ITV

Nations and Regions Presenter of the Year

Nina Hossain - ITV News London ITN for ITV

“The winner was the presenter whose range and personality best demonstrated not only versatility and warmth - but also a remarkable ability to stay calm under pressure. She conveyed authority on the big stories, as well as good humour and a rapport with the audience on the lighter ones. The tone and incisiveness of her interviewing on Day One of the Grenfell Fire was outstanding.”


Mark Carruthers – Political Programmes BBC One Northern Ireland

Roger Johnson - BBC North West Tonight BBC North West for BBC One

Network Presenter of the Year

Victoria Derbyshire - Victoria Derbyshire Programme BBC Two

“The winner is a relative newcomer to television, but in a short time has established herself as an on-screen presenter with a remarkable ability to connect to viewers of all kinds. Her programmes on football abuse and after the Grenfell fire were standout examples of her empathy combined with authority, and a tenacious determination to hold those in power to account.”


Julie Etchingham - ITV News & Current Affairs ITN for ITV

Andrew Neil - BBC News for BBC One and BBC Two

News Channel of the Year

Sky News

“All three channels demonstrated a remarkable breadth and depth of coverage, each in their own distinctive style. The winning entry offered gripping and brave coverage of breaking news around the world - but added an additional layer of longer-form analysis, and well-judged and compelling campaigning.”


BBC News Channel

CNN International

News Coverage - Home

The Grenfell Tower Fire - Newsnight BBC Two

“In a year when home news had some of the biggest stories of the year, the Grenfell fire was one of the most demanding and harrowing to cover. This programme stood out for the range of its journalism - from forensic investigation of the causes, robust interviewing of political leaders, and a commitment to telling the story of the people who lived on the 21st floor. This was an outstanding example of Home News journalism of the highest standard.”


Victoria Derbyshire Programme - Football Abuse Revelations BBC Two

Knife and Gun Crime Uncovered - BBC News BBC News for BBC One

News Coverage - International

Yemen - BBC News BBC News for BBC One

“The winning entry showed incredible storytelling, consistently high standards and exceptional scripting to give a comprehensive sense of what the situation was all about. This was a story only the BBC could do!”


Rohingya Crisis - Channel 4 News ITN for Channel 4

The Demise of ISIS - ITV News ITN for ITV

News Technology

NHS Tracker BBC News for BBC

“The winning entry involved gathering a huge amount of data and writing an original software programme to process it. The judges were particularly impressed that it represented genuine public-interest journalism, holding government to account while being useful to the audience – allowing them to find out how their local hospital services are performing.”


CNN VR CNN International

Innovative Use of 360 Video During Ground Combat in Mosul The Associated Press

Scoop of the Year

Libya Slave Market CNN International

“This was an extremely hard-fought category with several entries worthy of nomination. The category rewards “exclusive, entrepreneurial journalism” and the winning team displayed courage and enterprise on a very dangerous story. It resonated widely with a younger audience via social media. Other journalists had tried to get proof of human slave trafficking in Libya, but this was the first independent verification.”


Rohingya Refugee Crisis Sky News

Priti Patel Resignation BBC News for BBC One

Specialist Journalist of the Year

Michael Crick - Channel 4 News ITN for Channel 4

“From his forensic investigation of election expenses, his dogged pursuit of Paul Nuttall in Stoke and one of the longest doorsteps all the way down Whitehall, this was vintage stuff from a specialist at the top of his form. Tremendous, excellent, outstanding work.”


Chris Cook - Newsnight BBC Two

Jason Farrell Sky News

Television Journalist of the Year

Orla Guerin - BBC News BBC News for BBC One

“The winner has a record of reporting calmly and courageously from some of the world’s most dangerous places, while never sensationalising war. Describing the appalling conditions endured by migrants in Libya, the liberation of Mosul and the suffering of Yemen, the winner showed a range and depth which marks them out from a very strong field as a worthy winner.”


Jonathan Miller - Channel 4 News ITN for Channel 4

Stuart Ramsay Sky News

The Independent Award

Battle for Mosul - Channel 4 News Nine Finger Productions for Channel 4

“This was an extraordinary film, beautifully shot and portraying the reality of war, but with great humanity. It was refreshing to hear so many local views in a film like this.”


Dispatches - Undercover: Britain’s Cheap Clothes Blakeway Productions for Channel 4

Unreported World: Africa’s Perfect Storm Quicksilver Media for Channel 4

Young Talent of the Year

Nawal Al-Maghafi BBC News for BBC One

“The winner showed exceptional bravery and is wise beyond her years. Along with great access, she also had good scripting and a very understated delivery.”


Ashley John-Baptiste - Victoria Derbyshire Programme BBC Two and BBC News

Helen-Ann Smith Sky News

Outstanding Contribution Award – Dorothy Byrne

“Dorothy Byrne started in local newspapers, where according to one of her early bosses:She’d happily walk into any pub in any grotty area you can imagine, announce what she was up to and the sort of people she wanted to find, and hey presto! At the other end of the scale, she also considered that close attention to ‘Hello’ magazine was a vital part of the investigative journalist’s armoury.”

“She went on to run ITV’s “The Big Story” where her formidable story-telling skills and fertile ideas were brilliant assets. She has been at the helm of Channel 4’s journalistic output for many years. In that time, all her great qualities have come to the fore: her intellectual curiosity, her openness to new ideas, her constant challenging of herself. Her programmes have garnered all the awards this industry can give, many times over, and she has nurtured the careers of innumerable television journalists, especially women, and ensured that Channel 4 supports an MA in investigative journalism to bring people from different backgrounds into this area.

“She is fearless, her ferocious loyal and totally committed to public service broadcasting.”

Judges’ Award Exit Polls Led by Sir John Curtice

“The Judges award recognises an outstanding contribution to the advancement of Television Journalism in the past year. This was one of the stand-out TV moments of the year. Ten o’clock on election night and who can forget where they were when they heard the result of the Exit Poll. The poll stunned the country and caused at least one person we know to shed a little tear. For the last three general elections, the joint ITV, Sky and BBC exit polls have been uncannily accurate. But what makes this year’s Exit Poll even more outstanding is that the team of political scientists, psephologists and pollsters behind it had only seven weeks to put it all together.”