• BT Sport launches new channel called BT Sport Ultimate
  • Ultimate will offer 50FPS, HDR, UHD and Dolby Atmos
  • Coverage will include EPL, Champions League and Europa League

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BT Sport: Launching ‘BT Sport Ultimate’

Source: BT Sport

BT Sport has launched a new channel which will deliver ultra-high definition, high dynamic range and Dolby Atmos sound for live sport.

BT Sport Ultimate will offer viewers “the best viewing experience possible”, according to the British company, by delivering images at 50 frames per second, depending on the device used.

The new channel launch will coincide with the new season of the English Premier League, which kicks off on 9 August, and is a rebrand of the BT Sport 4K UHD channel. It will be available through a BT set-top box as well as Virgin Media. It will also be available on laptops, tablets and mobile through the BT Sport mobile app, as well as the large-screen app for Xbox, Samsung, Apple TV and PlayStation.

Speaking on BT Sport’s plans for the Premier League season, COO Jamie Hindaugh told IBC365: “We’re launching BT Sport Ultimate which will deliver pictures and sound in UHD, HDR and - exclusively via BT TV – Dolby Atmos. Additionally, we will continue to expand the ways in which it is possible to access BT Sport. Finally, look out for more development around personalisation, where we’ll enable viewers to control some aspects of programmes such as audio or graphics.”

BT Sport’s format is HDR10 PQ which is considered better for mobile – and mobile is the telco’s primary target.

“When you consider the size of the mobile screen then adding 4K adds nothing [in terms of perceptual image quality,” added Hindhaugh. “Most of our perception of depth comes from contrast, not resolution.”

The first broadcast will be of the FA Community Shield final between Liverpool and Manchester City on 4 August.

In order to benefit from BT’s innovations, viewers will need access to a screen that supports these picture and audio formats, such as a 4K TV capable of HDR. They will also need a BT TV Total Entertainment, Max, or Max HD subscription.

Every one of BT Sport’s 52 Premier League games will be show on the channel, along with a selection of Champions League and Europa League games. BT Sport also promised “much, much more” content to come in the months ahead, but did not reveal specifics.

It comes after BT broadcast a live sports event to mobile devices in HDR for what it claims was the first time ever when it ran the all-English Champion’s League final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur in June.