• Wnited will launch in Q1 2020 with free and paid subscription options
  • “Women’s football has reached a turning point,” says Spring Media CEO
  • Service will use Red Bee Media’s OTT platform


Wnited: Set to include more than 300 live matches of women’s football

Wnited, the world’s first global OTT service dedicated to women’s football, has been unveiled by Spring Media at Sportel Monaco. 

Wnited will aggregate high-level multi-camera content from top tier leagues in Europe, Asia and the Americas as well as national team matches to global audiences.

The new dedicated service will have both free and paid subscription-based consumption options, Wnited is set to include more than 300 live matches and a multitude of video-on-demand (VOD) content in 2020 including highlights, catch-up shows and documentaries, covering world-class women’s football from around the world.

Wnited will include a free, ad-supported viewing option as well as a subscription-based offering for viewers looking for an enhanced and ad-free experience.

Spring Media chief executive Tobias Osmund said: “Women’s football has reached a turning point when it comes to both viewership and media interest and we believe we’re just at the beginning of a steep growth curve.

“We are now launching a streaming service with access to some of the world’s best women’s football content and with the Red Bee OTT platform we are sure to deliver the highest quality viewing experience to football fans as they visit the new home of women’s football.”

Red Bee and Spring Media announced the new service on today at Sportel Monaco 2019 with an expected launch date of Q1 2020.

Wnited will be launched on the Red Bee Managed OTT Platform, which includes ultra-low latency live feeds.

Red Bee chief executive Steve Nylund added: “We are very excited to be a part of launching Wnited with Spring Media.

“This is a perfect example of how our managed OTT services can and should be used, reaching global audiences with high-quality ultra-low latency live feeds and on-demand content, creating the best possible viewing experiences on any device.”