• TV Globo, Globosat and other divisions to be part of new company ‘Globo’
  • Reorganisation to enable Globo to focus on products and services
  • Culmination of transformation strategy which began in 2018


Globosat and co: All divisions to be consolidated under Globo

Globo has announced a reorganisation of the Brazilian media company’s various content creation and distribution arms.

From January next year, the brands TV Globo, Globosat, Som Livre, Globo.com, Globoplay and DGCorp will be united as part of a new company under the name Globo.

It is the culmination of Globo’s digital transformation strategy which began in 2018 under the banner ‘A Single Globo’.

The new structure has been put in place to enable the media company to focus on products and services across linear, digital and advertising instead of content genres, which Globo said would allow it to work with a multigenre and multiplatform portfolio.

Executive director Jorge Nóbrega said: ”The Globo brand as it is known today, a synonym for free-to-air TV, will now give name to an entirely new company, an expanded and integrated undertaking aimed at exploring new challenges and opportunities.

“We are currently undergoing a business transformation, as well as developing new ones. The digital experience has significantly changed the way people consume content and services, and we are changing with the times.

“The massive investment we have made in new technologies and business models does not mean that we will abandon our traditional strengths. Our strategy amplifies the power of television by bringing new digital opportunities to our free-to-air and pay-tv services, always putting customers at the core of our businesses.”

Under its new operational structure, all content creation and production will reside in one division, separate from channels and services. All the digital business will sit together with the aim of grouping expertise in ‘competency clusters’. Globo said it would also seek partnerships and strategic alliances to explore new businesses related to different ecosystems.

The new organisational structure will see Rossana Fontenele lead the area of technology and strategy, focusing on the company’s long-term strategic plans and partnerships.