• HPA launches Industry Recovery Task Force amid Covid-19 pandemic 
  • Initiative will support the sustainable resumption of production and post divisions  
  • HPA president: “Our focus is to understand how to get our industry back to work”

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Seth Hallen: “Our focus is to understand how to get our industry back to work”

The Hollywood Professional Association has formed a recovery effort to support the sustainable resumption of the production and post production industry service sector amid Covid-19 lockdown.

The Hollywood Professional Association (HPA), the trade organisation serving the professional community providing expertise, support, tools and infrastructure for the creation and finishing of media content, has formed the HPA Industry Recovery Task Force.  

The task force will focus on the sustainable resumption of the production and post production industry service sector with the aim of understanding how to enable content creation in an evolving world impacted by the pandemic.  

HPA president Seth Hallen said: “Our focus is to understand how to get our industry back to work and how to do it in a way that provides an ability to not only safely create global content, but to also understand the long-term impact to workflows, technology as well as to the people and our business community as we navigate through these unprecedented times.” 

He added the motivation across the industry to launch this initiative is important to get the industry back on its feet.  

The key objectives of the HPA Industry Recovery Task Force are:  

  • To serve as a forum for collaboration, communication, and thought leadership regarding how to resume global production and post production in a sustainable fashion. 

  • To understand and influence evolving technical requirements such as the impact of industry remote collaboration, “work from home” and other workflows which have been highlighted by the current crisis.  

  • To provide up-to-date information and access to emerging health and safety guidelines that will be issued by various governments, municipalities, unions, guilds, industry organisations and content creators. 

  • To provide collaborative support and guidance to those impacted by the crisis.  

The HPA said over the coming weeks it will announce details of a number of initiatives and industry participants who have already begun to exchange ideas and plans for next steps.  

The outline of this initiative will begin to be organised and coordinated within the HPA community as well as with industry colleagues and organisations. 

Hallen added: “It has always been core to the mission of HPA to connect and collaborate with the larger content creation community. In these challenging times, we have both an obligation and an opportunity to help navigate, educate and lead our industry.  

“But we will not be doing this alone. Our goal is to partner with other key professional associations and organisations to be able to speak with the knowledge of both our HPA community and the larger industry to find the best plans, ideas and path forward so as we emerge from the crisis of today.  Through this effort, we expect to help define and build a more resilient industry for tomorrow.” 

Hallen explained he is “confident” the Industry Recovery Task Force will find safe solutions and strength to resume the creation of content. 

He said: “We are open to new ideas and participation from across this community and look to a time, hopefully soon, that our industry is once again safe and strong and poised for the future. Please join us.”