• Online training offers opportunity for SCTE
  • Anthony Basham used an IBC2019 to set out organisations training plans
  • Communication is key to success

SCTE Anthony Basham D5 SR

Partnership Pavillion at IBC2019: Anthony Basham

The SCTE used part of its IBC2019 sessions to discuss the future of training and the benefits of online training platforms in a changing industry.

Looking at all the IBC partners in a training context, Anthony Basham, training chair for the Society For Broadband Professionals (SCTE), said: “We all have the same problem. We have training, and we all know we can do really good things, but it is getting it out there. That has been the hardest part.

“But changing to an online system, to a learning management system, gives us opportunity everywhere,” he added. “People are not sitting in classrooms anymore. Now it is sitting at home, spare 10 minutes, and going online. It is the big change.”

Online does not mean losing the personal link, however. “You must make sure you retain an open channel to everyone: making sure you have that ability for a person-to-person relationship,” said Basham. “Lose that and you lose where you are going. You can miss it pretty quickly online, so the feedback loop of having a person on the other end to answer questions is crucial.”

In terms of skillsets the SCTE is looking for, Basham said people that want to find knowledge, retain it and use it are a priority. “People who are inquisitive,” added Basham. “They must be able to go out and find research for themselves. We are trying to teach people to be in the broadband business.”

The IBC partners have worked closer on skillset issues. “Over the last two years we have, and we are all in the same boat. But instead of re-inventing the wheel we are helping to make the wheel. If we get a good idea, we pass it on and someone gives something back,” said Basham.

Every year SCTE needs to find thousands of new entrants but the industry has “changed so much, and things have been made easier, but we are also losing a lot of people for getting the work done. From our side, we are making sure there is communication everywhere,” said Basham. “Finding volunteers to train is as hard as finding the students, but there are some mad people in broadband that love volunteering.”