• OneWeb successfully streams AC/DC in HD live from space
  • “Very high speed and low latency connectivity everywhere”
  • Plans to grow from 650 to 1,980 satellites

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Low Earth Orbit: Satellites with speeds of more than 400 Mbps

50 years since the Apollo 11 moon landing, satellite startup OneWeb has successfully proven its satellite constellation can deliver high-speed and low-latency services from space. 

OneWeb’s trial of six Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites with speeds of more than 400 Mbps powered the fastest real-time video streaming in full high definition (HD) from space.

The company confirmed the successful test streaming of an AC/DC music video from space, which took place in Seoul, South Korea.

“The most significant demonstration of OneWeb’s constellation to date, proving its ability to provide superior broadband connectivity anywhere on the planet,” according to a statement release by the firm.

The company claims its operations will help meet growing global connectivity needs, supporting applications from live gaming to Facetime, HD streaming and cloud software.

OneWeb chief executive Adrian Steckel said: “Our tests prove that OneWeb will enable very high speed and low latency connectivity everywhere and we are on schedule to offer the service globally in 24 months.

“OneWeb is going to transform the way we think about connectivity and how we use it.”

OneWeb’s satellites are performing well, enabling the company to continue its path towards a fully functioning global constellation in 2021 and delivering partial service beginning as early as 2020.

OneWeb’s service aims to broaden and innovate the use cases of satellite connectivity and will represent an important step towards enabling quality access everywhere for everyone.

OneWeb is aggressively moving forward on the implementation of its first phase of the network which will start with an initial 650 satellites and it plans to grow up to 1,980 satellites.

This first phase of the constellation will provide global coverage and further additions to the network will be focused on adding capacity to meet growing customer demands.

The recent satellite tests were conducted in partnership with Intellian, the developer and manufacturer of OneWeb user terminals and SatixFy, developer and manufacturer of the 125 MHz SCPC test modem.

The tests included: latency, speed, jitter, seamless handover between satellites and power control. During its test, OneWeb demonstrated:

• Extremely low latency with an average of 32 milliseconds

• Seamless beam and satellite handovers;

• Accurate antenna pointing and tracking;

• Live streamed an AC/DC music video at resolutions up to 1080p (Full HD); and

• Test speed rates of more than 400 Mbps.

Intellian chief executive Eric Sung said: “This demonstration in Seoul shows the strength that OneWeb and Intellian have together to provide global coverage. The technology in the Intellian user terminals connecting with OneWeb satellites shows our capabilities for now and for the future. We will succeed on this mission with OneWeb.”

OneWeb is a UK-headquartered start-up that is launching the first global LEO communications network in space, claiming it uses “revolutionary” technology, OneWeb can mass produced one to two satellites per day with global investment from Virgin, SoftBank, Airbus, Government of Rwanda and Coca-Cola.

OneWeb successfully launched six satellites in February and these are “responding well”, the company says. Its monthly programme, starting in December will see, OneWeb launch 30+ satellites in each rocket at the same time.