The making of the BBC’s Blue Planet 2 and the rise of virtual reality content were among IBC365’s most-read Production articles of 2017.

1) Going deep: The making of natural history blockbuster Blue Planet 2

The first of two articles on the BBC natural history blockbuster examined the filming techniques and camera technology used to capture elements of the world’s oceans that had never been seen before.

2) Dunkirk and the return of large format film

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk was released in the new and rather specialised sub-genre of war films pushing film technology in new directions by being shot almost entirely on 70mm Large Format film.

3) TV productions return to revamped BBC Television Centre

The iconic Television Centre in West London reopened in August, with The Jonathan Ross Show the first production to use the overhauled studios that were dubbed ’the home of British television’.

4) Remote production: Is it time to sell the OB truck?

Remote production makes sense for some types of TV and could usher in a new wave of innovative formats. 

5) Champions League final to air in 360-degrees

BT Sport and MTG were among the broadcasters that aired the first-ever live 360-degree coverage of the Champions League match between Real Madrid and Juventus in June. 

6) Could light field technology cut the cost of VFX?

Light field technology could help to cut the cost of creating visual effects (VFX) for film and TV productions by doing away with the need for green screens.

7) Sky exec hails VR as “the ultimate social experience”

According to Sky Creative Director Richard Nockles, for virtual reality to flourish creatives should keep experimenting with the technology which also needs to be embraced by the wider broadcast industry.

8) Dow Jones CEO William Lewis on the fight against fake news

William Lewis, reporter, editor and media executive is part of the future of news – and a relentless opponent of fake news in all its forms and those who facilitate its spread.

9) Is the DSLR revolution spent?

Several years ago shooting video on DSLRs was a big new trend, then video manufacturers responded with their own large-sensor camcorders. In this article we examine the place of DSLRs in broadcasting.

10) Making VR acquisition a reality: a guide to 360-degree cameras

Producing virtual reality content for any of the many VR headsets now available is no longer a concept confined to gaming or the IBC Future Zone.