• Vidgo and Kiswe launch new interactive TV app
  • Live social-streaming experiences for audiences in the US
  • “Social TV is finally here,” says Vidgo CEO

vidgo app

Vidgo: Mobile app 

Designed for interactivity on sports, entertainment, family and Latino programming a new app is a “world-first” according to the two companies delivering the live social-streaming experience. 

Vidgo, a prepaid live television streaming service and Kiswe Mobile, a specialist in mobile video audience engagement, published their new mobile app in the US yesterday, with reports noting the quiet entry to market likely means the app will see changes as it is deployed.

The live social-streaming experience is designed as a mobile app boasting social features for live video that encourages audiences to interact together via a digital living room called ‘Hangs’ while watching TV on their mobile devices.

Kiswe Mobile chief executive Mike Schabel said: “We’re thrilled to launch Social TV to support Vidgo’s incredible programming.

“Finally, watching TV on your phone no longer means that you have to watch it alone. With Vidgo, we’re making live sports and entertainment something you can once again share with friends, even when they’re apart.”

This new mobile experience goes beyond the isolated experience of watching video today to a more unified and connected experience with friends and family with audiences joining each other in public or private digital living rooms to watch their favourite content.

The companies announced in order to feel connected to each other the app uses a new live social screen that shares the audience’s animated GIFs, Memes, Polls, and Chat.

Vidgo chief executive Shane Cannon said: “Vidgo wants to bring friends and fans together to watch live sports and television in a fun and engaging manner. Social TV is finally here!”

The Vidgo service has been made available through Vidgo’s website and at thousands of prepaid wireless storefronts across the US.