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  • Esports episode 3

    Esports: Episode 3: Audiences and future of esports


    The future of esports seems brighter than ever, with hi-spec technology productions, fandoms and storytelling at its helm. But what makes a good esports broadcast? In this tutorial, Rhys Williams, Esports Lecturer at Staffordshire University takes a deep dive into which platforms are dominating the esports landscape and where audiences ...

  • Episode 2 index

    Esports: Episode 2: Production


    In October 2023, Staffordshire University revealed plans to expand its esports provision in Stoke-on-Trent with £2.9m investment in dedicated facilities. The project was designed, built and installed by broadcast solutions specialist Digital Garage. The new industry-standard facilities include a bespoke 60 seater Esports Arena and a Studio with dedicated broadcast ...

  • Episode 1 index pic

    Esports: Episode 1: Where are we now?


    Esports has grown into a fascinating phenomenon in a billion dollar industry and although competitive gaming is regarded by some as relatively new, its roots can be traced back to the 1970s. Phil Cooke, esports lecturer at Staffordshire University takes a look back at esports’ humble beginnings, through to the ...

  • NAB 2024 Tech Trends

    NAB 2024: What are the dominant and emerging tech trends?


    IBC365 asked broadcasters, consultants and vendors about the dominant and emerging tech trends they were seeing at NAB and in their sector. While GenAI had undoubtedly been the buzzword at the show, participants referenced the widespread adoption of IP tech, the integration of AI-powered tools with current workflows, interactive TV, ...

  • NAB 2024 Biggest challenge

    NAB 2024: What are the biggest industry challenges and what can be done?


    IBC365 spoke with broadcasters, consultants and vendors about the biggest challenges facing the M&E and tech industries. Responses covered the management of customer expectations, dealing with the fallout from the streaming wars, biases in competition and regulations, a lack of knowledge sharing around sustainability, IP engineering/technical issues, managing costs in ...

  • NAB 2024 Jonathan Morgan

    NAB 2024: Perifery on the death of the monolithic archive


    Jonathan Morgan, Senior Vice President of Product and Technology at Perifery, explains how the industry is shifting from problematic offline/nearline archive technologies to cloud-based storage solutions.

  • NAB 2024 How Important are the likes of NAB and IBC

    NAB 2024: How Important are the likes of NAB and IBC


    IBC365 caught up with a panel of industry voices on the importance of getting the global community together, ‘everyone in one place’ at shows like NAB and IBC.

  • NAB 2024 Disruption

    NAB 2024: What are the biggest disruptors in M&E?


    IBC365 rounded up industry experts at NAB to hear their opinions on the areas with the most disruptive impact on the M&E sector. 

  • NAB 2024 Simon Clarke

    NAB 2024: Telestream on cloud-based workflows and GenAI


    Simon Clarke, CTO at Telestream, explains how the company is developing GenAI-powered solutions, such as a workflow tool that uses natural language, to help save customers money.

  • NAB 2024 Nina Walsh

    NAB 2024: GenAI and remote workflows at the fore for AWS


    GenAI is causing the biggest disruption for the M&E sector according to AWS’s Nina Walsh. As a result, AWS is focused on helping customers to optimise their workflows and drive down costs. AWS is also set to showcase its full range of GenAI capabilities at IBC in September.

  • NAB 2024 Maryam TSE

    NAB 2024: Ross Video recognised for green tech developments


    This year, Ross Video collected an NAB Excellence in Sustainability Award for its Ultrix Carbonite Hyper-Converged Production Platform. Maryam Tse, VP, Engineering Product Development, Ross Video, talks green credentials, improving standards, cloud-based workflows, and the launch of a new AI-powered tool.

  • NAB 2024 Jennifer Way

    NAB 2024: Jennifer Way, Farmerswife


    Remote working has presented a whole host of challenges for businesses with a global presence. Farmerswife presents a number of solutions to help distribute resources and improve team collaboration.

  • NAB 2024 David Edwards

    NAB 2024: Net Insight on the dangers of using IP media and how to mitigate risk


    David Edwards, Product Manager at Net Insight runs through some of the company’s products to help navigate the unmanaged internet for media distribution.

  • NAB 2024 Brad Wall

    NAB 2024: IP-based technologies take centre stage, finds LTN


    IP-based workflows dominated at NAB and have now reached a level of maturity where they’re no longer considered experimental, according to Brad Wall, CTO at LTN. As business models change, LTN has developed IP-based tools to suit these new requirements.

  • NAB 2024 Anne Schelle

    NAB 2024: PearlTV on the future of US broadcasting


    Anne Schelle, Managing Director at PearlTV discusses NextGenTV (ATSC 3.0) in the US, opportunities in IP-based distribution, and some of the challenges in regulation.

  • NAB 2024 Andrew Ward

    NAB 2024: Cinegy on the eventual emergence of IP and “life after television”


    Andrew Ward, Business Development Manager at Cinegy explains how the company is exploring AI but remains cautious, and how the business is thinking about the “world after television”.

  • NAB 2024 Donna Kay

    RISE discusses launch of career accelerator programme this summer


    IBC365 caught up with Donna Kay Smith, MD at RISE, to discuss some forthcoming developments, reflect on recent successes from the mentorship programme, and ask what more the industry can do to support RISE initiatives.

  • NAB 2024 Eliza Pearce

    NAB 2024: Eliza Pearce, Deloitte


    Eliza Pearce, Director, Deloitte, gives insight into NAB’s take on virtualisation in the media supply chain and production from a cloud and engineering perspective.  

  • NAB 2024 Harjinder Sandu

    NAB 2024: Harjinder Sandhu, Zixi


    Zixi’s Director of Marketing speaks of the biggest trends at NAB, how Zixi is using ML and AI for error prevention, and virtualisation in the cloud.

  • NAB 2024 HAND

    NAB 2024: HAND CEO talks AI and automation


    Will Kreth, CEO at Human and Digital (HAND), shares thoughts on tracking and identifying digital talent and embracing AI in the supply chain.