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    Demo: Delivering optimal customer experiences in the golden age of content


    IBC2022: As competition for attention continues to intensify, broadcasters must proactively deliver engaging content and viewer experiences to attract, retain, and grow audiences. However, as a result of siloed data and inadequate customer insights, many struggle to deliver on personalisation and suffer from wasted marketing spend and churn. Hear from ...

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    Demo: Interactivity, engagement & real time streaming


    IBC2022: The battle for eyeballs and higher revenues per user rages on. This talk will explore how interactive experiences powered by a real time video platform can increase engagement and drive higher revenues.

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    IP Live Production


    IBC2022: Experts from NEP Norway, Cisco and Grass Valley discuss the benefits of IP technology for remote live production.

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    TELUS: Content-everywhere & digital life platform


    IBC2022: OPUS is the vanguard for TELUS’ transformation into a cloud-first, software engineering-driven organization. Built in the midst of a pandemic by teams working 100% remotely, OPUS serves as a foundational asset that will allow TELUS to rapidly deploy future capabilities that integrate Internet of Things, intelligent automation, health services, ...

  • IBC2022 MediaTech Leaders Panel

    MediaTech leaders panel: bold transformation moves


    IBC2022: Join us for a panel discussion with the leaders behind some of the most inspiring media technology transformations. Find out how Globo, Sky, TELUS and KPN have developed new ways of working, differentiated their offerings, and continued to thrive while meeting the needs of a constantly evolving market.

  • IBC2022 Exhibition Report Day 1

    What’s hot in live and remote production at IBC2022


    IBC2022: The latest innovations in live and remote production at IBC2022 in Amsterdam.

  • Quantum IBC2022

    Quantum at IBC2022 in Amsterdam


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Skip Levens, Director of Media and Entertainment, Quantum, outlined the key announcements from the company at the show.

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    Cloud video production requires better storage - how Iconik is making it happen with Storj


    IBC2022: We all want to move to cloud video production, but cloud storage is still a big obstacle due to inconsistent performance, security and high costs. Iconik will share how their partnership with Storj, a new type of cloud storage, is extending the value of their platform with unlimited, low-cost ...

  • Ross Video at IBC2022

    Ross Video at IBC2022 in Amsterdam


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Jeff Moore, Vice-Chair of the Board & Executive VP and CMO, Ross Video, outlined what the company was announcing at the show.

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    Insights from streaming UX: How UKTV’s data-informed culture drives revenue opportunities


    IBC2022: As Netflix explores an ad-supported tier, the future of streaming appears to be shifting. On the other side, traditional broadcasters like UKTV, are looking at wider opportunities to generate revenue from their brands and content beyond TV and AVOD. In this session, hear from Piano and UKTV about how ...

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    TNW Talks @ IBC: AdTech


    IBC2022: In the heated competition for users, buyers, and ad revenue, the media and entertainment industry is reinventing itself with new delivery and experience platforms. Adtech allows companies to catch up (and get ahead) of a consumer base characterised by rapidly changing patterns in consumption across a growing base of ...

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    KPN: Taking bold action to power innovation


    IBC2022: Learn how KPN supercharged innovation while navigating their journey to becoming a cloud-first organization. Leveraging Accenture Video Solution (AVS), KPN has re-invented their TV operating model and reduced the time required to make new ideas a reality for their audience, while continuing to optimize core efficiencies. In this ...

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    In conversation with Warner Bros. Discovery


    IBC2022: As one of the largest media companies in the world Warner Bros. Discovery is going through an exciting period of transformation. Hear their tech story in this interview.

  • IABM Friday 2022

    2022 IABM State of the Industry Report: Results


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Peter White, CEO of industry body IABM, revealed the results of the 2022 IABM State of the Industry Report.

  • IBC2022 Tim Richards

    IBC2022 welcomes visitors to Amsterdam in-person


    IBC2022: Tim Richards, Chairman of IBC, welcomed visitors back to Amsterdam to the broadcast and media industry’s most inspiring trade convention in-person. He highlighted the key themes powering the show, as well as the must-do events at IBC2022.

  • Mediakind at IBC2022 in Amsterdam

    Mediakind at IBC2022 in Amsterdam


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Boris Felts, Chief Product Officer, Mediakind, outlined what the company was announcing at the show.

  • Malik Khan LTN

    LTN at IBC2022 in Amsterdam


    IBC2022: At IBC2022 in Amsterdam, Malik Khan, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, LTN, outlined what the company was announcing at the show.

  • Accelerator - Media content sharing

    Accelerator - Media content sharing, monetisation and micropayment systems via blockchain


    IBC2022: Our IBC Accelerators Final Showcase sessions kick off with this project utilising Blockchain to explore content sharing, micropayments & incentivisation solutions to enable OTT subscribers to share content with others and become an incentivised micro-distribution channel. 

  • TV app

    IBC Digital 2021: Transitioning to TV as an App


    In this session from IBC Digital 2021, we delved into what broadcasters and video service providers need to consider to compete in the ’TV as an App’ market. This video is now available to watch here on-demand.

  • Assessing the energy and carbon footprint of the delivery of TV content  in Europe

    IBC Digital 2021: Assessing the energy and carbon footprint of the delivery of TV content in Europe - results of the LoCaT Study


    This presentation from IBC Digital 2021 is available to watch now on-demand here.