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  • Panel Discussion The opportunities and limitations for AI

    Panel Discussion: The opportunities and limitations for AI


    Advances in generative artificial intelligence have been making headlines worldwide. This panel will explore the opportunities and limitations of generative AI in media and entertainment and the importance of maintaining trust through transparent data usage policies and robust security measures to protect privacy.

  • IBC Accelerators - Authenticated Data Specification

    IBC Accelerators: Authenticated Data Specification


    IBC2023: The Authenticated Data Specification defines a standardised data distribution package to ensure that, as programming is distributed and works its way through the entertainment landscape.


    SMPTE: Architecting multi-cloud and on-prem workflows’ solutions for global production needs


    IBC2023: This session will focus on enabling workflows in the multi-cloud environment, where hyper-scale systems tend to transcend individual cloud providers’ abilities, while content contributions come in from decentralised content and workflow providers. The panel will include major cloud platform providers and end users, and initiate a discussion about shifting ...

  • IBC Accelerators - Real Time Interactive Streaming Personalises Live Experiences

    IBC Accelerators: Real Time Interactive Streaming Personalises Live Experiences


    IBC2023: As linear broadcasts convert to streaming, revenues from advertising and sponsorship are being lost. This project demonstrated that additional revenue and a ROI can be achieved through personalising viewer engagement from the streaming of live interactive experiences, for big or small sporting and other events. Striving for a next-generation ...


    Panel Discussion: Advances in Monetisation Technologies


    With the advent of OTT services came a whole new frontier for the monetisation of content. The Covid pandemic then saw a spike in consumer demand for OTT services and accelerated the technologies that underpin a broadcaster’s ability to reach audiences with targeted advertising. In this panel, experts discuss the ...

  • From the NFL to Broadcast & Streaming the World’s Biggest Live Events

    From the NFL to Broadcast & Streaming the World’s Biggest Live Events: How 5G is powering the future of media and entertainment


    IBC2023: Join Scott Lawrence, SVP of Business Global Solutions at Verizon Business Group, for a deep dive into the crucial role 5G is set to play in media and entertainment, delivering creative opportunities and smarter efficiencies in production, alongside exciting new commercial propositions for venues and compelling experiences for audiences.

  • Unveiling the Future of Global Media Management

    Unveiling the Future of Global Media Management: Unlocking Interoperability and Automation for Converged Advertising Operations and Revenue Growth


    IBC2023: As the diversification of content and distribution methods continues, converged workflows are a necessity for global media companies to excel in a complex market.

  • Unlocking Sustainability Innovating a greener future in broadcast and media

    Unlocking Sustainability: Innovating a greener future in broadcast and media


    IBC2023: Discover the business case for sustainability in the broadcast and media industry in this immersive session produced by IEEE BTS.

  • IBC Acceleratros - Responsive Narrative Factory

    IBC Accelerators: Responsive Narrative Factory


    IBC2023: Responsive Narrative Factory delivered the right narrative for any consumer in real time via a metadata-powered content fast-track, to demonstrate a new component-based approach to quickly and cost effectively creating multiple versions of content from a single master to enable precision targeting of programs to different demographics or regions ...

  • World Premiere case with Sony & Plateau Virtuel

    Virtual Production: World Premiere case with Sony & Plateau Virtuel


    IBC2023: Discover how a Sony state-of-the-art 90m2 Crystal LED display combined with Venice camera capture technology are being used to create stunning near natural backgrounds for premium film, commercial and TV productions in studios near Paris.

  • Verimatrix and TELUS Showcase First-of-Its Kind Piracy Protections for New Optik TV

    Verimatrix and TELUS Showcase First-of-Its Kind Piracy Protections for New Optik TV


    IBC2023: Explore groundbreaking first-of-its-kind anti-piracy protections with Verimatrix and TELUS. This insightful panel discussion reveals how the integration of Verimatrix Streamkeeper enabled TELUS to establish an advanced, secure Optik TV platform that uniquely defeats video piracy at scale. Discover how Verimatrix and TELUS pioneered innovative anti-piracy systems for VOD and ...

  • IBC Accelerators - Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production

    IBC Accelerators: Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production


    IBC2023: Gallery Agnostic Live Media Production aimed to bring all media productions into the modern day via device-agnostic, gallery-agnostic and hybrid ways of working to prove control of both existing on-prem and cloud devices.

  • Building the studio of tomorrow, today!

    Building the studio of tomorrow, today!


    IBC2023: Amazon Studios has defined the state of the art in cloud production from the cameras on North America’s largest Virtual Production Stage, through post in its brand new 8K capable facility for movies and series. Join us for a panel discussion with Amazon Studios, AWS Media & Entertainment, and ...

  • Dex Hunter-Torricke

    Delving Deeper: Will AI help us solve humanity’s biggest challenges?


    IBC2023: AI has the potential to drastically transform our world for the better - from fighting plastic pollution to discovering new medical drugs to prevent and treat disease. In the midst of these advancements, new challenges and risks are also arising. Join Dex Hunter-Torricke, Head of Global Communications and Marketing ...

  • 5G Motion Capture for Live Performance and 3D Animation

    IBC Accelerators: 5G Motion Capture for Live Performance and 3D Animation


    IBC2023: 5G Motion Capture for Live Performance & Animation explores using 5G to build ultra-low latency networks to support the creation of new immersive audience experiences for those present at a live performance or engaging remotely at another venue. The project also seeks to leverage 5G technology to bring joyful, ...

  • Screenshot 2023-10-04 134839

    Building an OTT video service - custom build or managed service?


    Which is the best approach to launching an online video service? Custom-build or managed service platform? In-house development or outsource? This panel will explore the various options, including the relevance of a hybrid approach for incumbent players. The role of the CDN will also be discussed.

  • MovieLabs Update.1

    MovieLabs 2030 Vision update


    IBC2023: MovieLab’s CEO Richard Berger, and Mark Turner, Programme Director for Production Technology, explored the technological aspirations of the MovieLabs 2030 roadmap.

  • How to Gain a Comptetitive Edge with AI

    How to gain a competitive edge with AI


    At IBC2023 in Amsterdam, gaining a competitive edge using AI and Machine Learning in TV production was explored by a panel of experts that included Lewis Smithingham, SVP of Innovation & Creative Solutions, Media.Monks, Maria Ingold, Strategy & Innovation CTO, mireality, and Quincy Olatunde, VP, Products, Direct-to-Consumer, Peacock TV, NBC ...

  • Prioritising diversity Wincie Knight

    Prioritising diversity, equity and inclusion at Paramount


    At IBC2023 in Amsterdam, Wincie Knight, SVP Global Inclusion Strategy, Paramount, discussed best practices for position diversity, equity and inclusion as a top priority in an organisation and how to ensure your employees feel heard and have a sense of belonging.

  • DAB Firm Foundation for Radio

    DAB+ A firm foundation for radio


    IBC2023: DAB+ is revolutionising the radio industry and shaping its future. This session discussed the power of digital broadcast radio in fostering democracy, trust in media, and social commitment through high-quality news, fresh formats, and captivating content.