In this session we will learn how technologies and innovative practices are reshaping the landscape, reducing carbon footprints, and championing eco-consciousness. Industry research and case studies will be presented by media organizations that have embraced sustainability, from adopting energy-efficient equipment to implementing sustainable production techniques, to delivering on efficient content distribution methods. Expect an engaging 3-hour session with industry experts as they discuss strategies that harnass its ability to drive positive change and inspire collective action.


Barbara Lange, Principal & CEO - Kibo121

Peter Siebert, Head of Technology - IEEE BTS

Bill Hayes - IEEE BTS


Lisa Collins - Dovetail Creative

Andy Quested


Vincent Grivet - LoCat

Dom Robinson, Founder - Greening of Streaming

Erik Reinhard - ITU-R

Tom Moran - Lumen

Kristan Bullett, CEO - Humans Not Robots


Manuel Belmar, CFO - GCP Globo

Larissa Görner, Chief Technology Officer - Proximus Media House

Madeleine Noland, President - ATSC

Doug Johnson - CTA

Elfed Howells - DVB